Gojek Clone: The Most Popular App Development Solution Today

gojek clone

App development has always been a concern for people who don’t know the technicalities! Most of the time, entrepreneurs turn to professional developers who build the app from scratch. But approaching experts who design, code, test, and launch the app all by themselves means that an entrepreneur has to invest several million dollars into its development! Well, not anymore because the Gojek Clone app is here! 

Gojek Clone App Development – The Quick and Easy Solution 

The on-demand multi-service app has a list of 101+ services on its platform. You as the app owner can offer each and every service against a commission and earn millions without a fuss. 

Here are the reasons why we are calling it the easiest and quick solution. 

Gojek Clone App

It’s pre-built 

The Gojek-like application is a pre-built or ready-made solution that enables app owners like you to launch the app in a jiffy! 

You get to skip all the hassles of building it from scratch or designing the app in the first place. 

You can use this ready-made solution and seamlessly build an advanced Gojek Clone app! 

It’s pre-integrated with the latest features

Being a ready-made solution brings you the best advantage of having everything served on a platter. 

The application offers an entire assortment of the latest features. It includes every essential feature such as: 

  • Live tracking so that customers know what’s the current location of the delivery driver. 
  • Online payment via credit card so that customers don’t have to worry about carrying cash anywhere. 
  • OTP verification will enable customers to send parcels to the right person or receive the correct services by providing a four-digit OTP. This OTP verification is basically the added layer of authentication and protection against fraudulent activities! 
  • Voice note instructions: your customers can easily record voice messages and upload them on the application. Here, they can record the instructions for delivery drivers and upload them on the app. Once the delivery driver picks up the package from the store, they will be able to listen to the voice message. 

Gojek Clone can be white-labeled easily! 

The app can be white-labeled without much trouble. For experts, it takes less than a week to white-label the app with your branding! 

The experts will integrate your brand name and logo everywhere on the app. Additionally, they will integrate currencies and languages that you prefer. 

To make the app more unique to your brand, the experts will change the color theme of the app so that it matches your logo. Moreover, you can also integrate your preferred SMS and payment gateway into the app so that customers would trust the platform and use it for transactions. 

In simpler words, the experts will white-label the application so that it fits your branding and no one ever comes to know that you’ve used a pre-built solution. 

Besides these advantages, another important thing to note about the Gojek-like application is that it can help you make big bucks!

Make more money with the Gojek Clone app 

Your profit earnings can increase to 10X or even more by simply launching the Gojek Clone! This on-demand multi-service app will help you earn money as commissions or via membership subscription plans. 

Under the commission-per-service, you will make money on every service that is booked via the app. Say, a customer books hairstyling services on the app. The invoice total was $268. Now, you as the app owner will earn $32.16 when the commission rate is set at 12%. 

While the remaining money will be credited to the provider’s account. 

On the other hand, you will make money from subscription plan purchases if you choose the subscription plan-based business model!

In this case, money will be credited to your business accounts every time a service provider purchases one of the many plans, renews it, or upgrades it! 

Simply put, you can become a successful entrepreneur and make millions in profits if you choose to launch the best Gojek Clone. 

In Conclusion: 

If you have always aspired to start your own business in the region and become a millionaire quickly, then launching this multi-service app is the best option for you. 

Contacting the sales representatives will help you learn a lot about this app and make further decisions. However, before you think about investing in this app, try the demo app trial! 

This trial will help you assure that you are investing in the right solution. 
So, get the Gojek Clone app today!

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