6 effective small business ideas for startup

small business ideas

Here I introduce the 6 best small business ideas which are very helpful for startups, in that time of COVID-19 situation the whole world was suffering for job opportunities, and making future carrier, basically a group of unemployed workers and freshers candidates. After COVID hit, streaming platforms are very much in the hype. Now if you are thinking about opening a small business for yourself and your entire carrier then here are the effective ideas for you.

T-shirt printing –

If you have a proper idea about fashion related then this is one of the best and most effective for you. You can buy some quantities of blank T-shirts and modified over them with design and boutique works. It might be effective for buyers and also for companies’ attraction. you can easily buy some necessary tools and start the business.

Cleaning Services Operator –

If you have proficiency in cleaning services then it will be best for you to open a small business for you. For this business you need some helping hands for you, you can create a group of cleaning services with your teammates. Here the type of work for you might be cleaning in public houses, buildings or apartments, etc. otherwise it will be like cleaning gardens, transferring types of furniture from one to another building, etc. mostly you can charge 100-150(Indian Rupee) per hour or 500-700(Indian Rupee) daily. It will be helpful for you and also your business.                                                    

Virtual Or Online Teaching Platform –

In the COVID situation, the education system is falling down very much. For this reason, the online teaching platform is now very demanding for students. You can choose any subject which you are suitable for teaching. And choose any online platform to broadcast your classes. This is the one of best ideas for startups.                                                                                                                                       

Consulting –

This is one of the finest businesses for yourself if you have proper knowledge about consulting about anything like small business ideas, networking, social media concepts, human resources related, etc. people are taking great ideas from you, and after that, you can also hire consulting people for your business growth.

Courier service –  

This idea is one of the most effective for you,  It will be like anything service to courier example for, delivering medicines, clothes, fruits, vegetables, etc. to open this business you must have a license and authorization, if you are a driver then it will be easy for you to co-operate with the business. Firstly it would be proper responsibility to courier the item to the customer, you can start this for yourself own and hire drivers and courier partners for your business further.

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Digital Marketing –

Digital marketing platform nowadays is very popular for startup small businesses for yourself. Important of using the internet is growing day by day, and also the number of using social media platforms is continuously growing, you can sell products online ways like social media platforms and your personal website. First, you can make an advertisement about your products and along with the selling price. It is an important part of any kind of brand.


In this section, we discuss 6 start-up ideas, you can go for. However, there are a lot of ideas in the world. It is not as hard to find how many wheels are in the world. You can go with any plan that you have an interest in and passion for.

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