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When it comes to finding the best barbers in Goodmayes, one of the most important factors you need to consider is the “types of services offered.” Here’s the thing; a good barber shop must be able to offer haircuts and other hair care services.

Scalp or head massage, hair colour, skin fade, ear & nose wax, straight razor, and beard sculpting are some of the many other services that Golden Barbers offer. Read on to better understand what each of these barber services includes.

Why should you visit a barbershop?

Today, there are many reasons why it makes sense to visit a barbershop, such as Golden Barbers.

  • Most barber shops only employ highly experienced staff with proper training. With that, it means you can always expect the latest trends when you visit any of these shops, such as Golden Barbers.
  • Professional barbers only make use of branded & medically recommended hair care products. With self-care services, you’re most likely not going to have access to these products.
  • The biggest difference between a barbershop and a unisex saloon/self-care is that the former offers its customers different hair care services, which are unique to men.

What services should you expect from professional barbers?

  1. Customized men’s & boys’ haircut designs 

One thing that all professional barbers have in common is their ability to deliver customized designs. A reliable barber shop, such as Golden Barbers, will deliver you the exact haircut design that suits your needs. Well, this is possible because we have a team of specialists, who are up-to-date with what is hot and trendy in both women’s and men’s hairstyles.

  1. Scalp massage

Scalp massage, also known as head massage, is a unique hair care service offered only by professional barbers. You can always enjoy this service at the end of a haircut, hair colour service, or any other hair care service.

Scalp massaging is more than just using the fingertips on the head. In addition, it also involves the use of heat & deep conditioning treatments. 

Golden Barbers’ head massage service comes with tons of benefits for clients. Apart from helping to eliminate stress, it’s also effective in inducing relaxation. That’s not all; a great scalp massage service also helps to relieve headache pain and migraine. According to a study, scalp massage can also help to improve hair growth and lower blood pressure.

  1. Straight razor shave

A straight razor shave is what you should go for if you’re interested in having the closest and smoothest shave. A straight razor is a sharp tool that only professional barbers can use to deliver the best shaves. Apart from delivering smooth, close, and better shaves, straight razors are known to offer meditative benefits. It’s milder on your skin and also helps to reduce ingrown hair. 

  1. Hair treatments

At Golden Barbers, our hair treatment services are available in different types. The common ones are hair colouring, grey blending, and ear & nose wax

  • If you’re interested in changing your hair colour to experiment with another look, hair colouring is the service you need to opt for. At Golden Barbers, all you need is to highlight all the aspects of your hairstyle & look and leave the rest to our specialist to deliver you the best service.
  • Grey blending will provide you with a low-maintenance hair colour. This colour will help you improve and highlight your natural grey hair. One good thing about this service is that it’s pretty quick and cheap.

Nose wax is a service that helps to remove hair from your follicles. Apart from lasting longer than trimming, waxing is pretty much safer. It also makes the nose hair growth finer and slower.

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