Top 3 Ideas For Choosing Your Baby’s Custom Birthday Dresses


Your baby is turning one year older in the next coming days or weeks, and here you are thinking of what to buy for the special occasion. Well, one of the many things you should consider buying for your baby is custom birthday dresses.

But where exactly should you start when buying your baby a new dress? What exactly should you consider to ensure you pick the best dress? Why should you consider Ada Aziza dresses for your baby’s flower girl dresses and baptism dresses? Continue reading this blog and you’ll find answers to your questions.

1. Frilled & Fluffy Designer Style

If you want a dress that highlights style for your baby, we’ll advise that you go for drilled and fluffy designer dresses. Frill-patterned custom birthday dresses are known to always look gorgeous, especially when paired with sequin.

For safety purposes, however, the dress you’ll be opting for should only have short fluffy frills. Long frills can make your baby experience difficulties when walking. That aside, they can also get caught in between doors. Unfortunately, when this happens, babies might fall and injure themselves.

On Ada Aziza, you’ll find a wide range of drilled and fluffy designer dresses for your baby. This Bailey Dress Lavender custom birthday dress is a good example of a dress you can consider buying for your baby’s birthday party. Even if you have other party themes in mind, you’ll still find this flower girl dress perfect for any type of event.

2. Princess Themed Gowns

Princess Themed Gown is another perfect dress idea that you can consider for your baby’s upcoming birthday. Irrespective of her age (1 year, 2 years, 3 years, or more), your baby will certainly look very stunning in this designer style.

On Ada Aziza, you’ll find princess themed gowns available in different colors and styles. You have many options to pick from and the interesting part is you can always customize your preferred choice to suit your baby’s needs.

  • This Bailey Fuchsia princess themed gown will make a perfect pick for your baby’s birthday. It comes with incomplete hand sleeves and a neckline to give your baby an invisible look. If you have any color in mind, you can always customize Bailey Fuchsia to your taste.
  • This Princess Jasmine dress is another great princess themed dress you can consider buying for your baby. Apart from birthdays, you can also dress up your baby in this beautiful golden lace gown for royal occasions and other extravagant events.

3. Different seasons

Are you looking for custom birthday dresses that your baby can wear to other seasonal events? If yes, the idea is to go for girl gowns with floral designs during the summer season. For instance, this Flora Dress is one of the best Aziza dresses you can buy for your baby’s summer and spring needs. It comes with extremely shining tulle and cotton fabric. It also comes with a matching headband for your baby.

Furthermore, christening and baptism dresses will surely make a perfect pick during the summer and spring months. During the fall season, you should consider going for custom birthday dresses with shades of bronze, orange, and brown. 

Flower girl dresses are perfect during the winter months. Interestingly, there are endless options for you to choose from. For instance, you can always go for classic choices, such as a plain white flower girl dress with a green or deep red sash.

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