How are impressions done for Dental Implants? Know How true it is!


If you are missing a tooth and you want to get a new artificial one, it’s time to consult a good dentist for this task. This process of implanting a new tooth starts with taking the dental impression which is an important step. Without a dental impression, it’s not possible to replace the tooth or even do any other type of dental fitting. If the impression is accurate it will reduce the future challenges for a dentist while working on the denture. On the other hand, if the impression is not right, then the dentist has to face many challenges while starting the dental fitting or tooth replacement procedure. So, to make sure that things are going right, it is important to focus on the dental impression.

Tips to ensure the dental impression is right:

As a dentist, you know what are the best ways by which you can have the right dental impression, but it’s better to let people know about it too. This way they can clear their doubts and cross-check with their dentist if the impression is right or not. Their whole dental fitting depends on that impression & if anything is wrong with it, it’s a matter of concern. So, let’s check some points you must check while the dentist is taking the impression for dental implants in Los Angeles.

Keep a check on the packaging and the quality of the product material:

In some cases, the patients reported that the material was not of good quality and some even complained of expiry packaging and the material. If the dentist uses the low quality or expiry material, it directly indicates that the impression will fail to do its work. It will not work as it should & it is all because of its low quality. So, before taking the impressions, you must ask your dentist about the quality of the material.

Choosing the right material:

As the quality of the material matters the most, the same way it’s necessary to check the type of material that your dentist will use to make the impression. If the type does not match with the right one, then chances are that it will create trouble in taking an accurate impression. This indicates that choosing the right material is also necessary for excellent results.

Ensure clear Margins:

With messy Margie, there is no chance that your impression will be accurate. Sometimes the patient has swollen gum or is bleeding a lot which may cause issues with taking the imprint. In that case, the dentist will use the hemostasis agent that helps in taking clear margins. Some even use the retraction paste to make sure that there is no mess inside the cover.

Check for visible tears:

There are chances that the material you chose is not durable or we can say reliable enough to give a strong imprint. You have to check it properly because if the material has very low viscosity, then the imprint can have visible tears. In case such happens, your dentist needs to redo the whole process of taking the impression and then proceed further. To avoid this, dentists should always choose the right quality material to avoid such instances.

Crosscheck the size of the tray:

Again, the size of the tray matters a lot. This is because every person has a different mouth and denture size which indicates that you cannot use the same tray for everyone. You have to use a different size tray for each of your patients. In case you are a patient, you must check if the tray size is right for your denture size or if you are feeling some issues. You need to tell your doctor about it. This is the right thing to do and not to sit quietly and bear the pain and discomfort because of it.

Note down the time:

Timing is important and as a dentist, you know that it takes a little patience to achieve your target. The more you do this task, the more accurately you can check the timeline required to get an accurate impression of your dental structure. On the other hand, you don’t have to exceed the limit and keep your patient waiting for the time till you take it out. It all should be done with well planning and expertise. If you fail to do so, it may have serious complications like replacing the missing tooth with an irregular size artificial one. If you are looking for all on four dental implants visit The Point Dental.

Is it true that the right impression is a must for dental implants?

Yes, you must indeed get the right impression for dental implants because it helps the dentist to know the actual position of your teeth and how he can proceed further for placing the artificial tooth.


Hence, we can conclude this post with the fact that dental impression is important & no dentist can give you a proper treatment without it. So, you need to check all the points mentioned above and ensure that everything goes fine while taking the imprint.

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