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Wedding dress A-line gowns are flattering wedding dresses that feature a flared skirt and a fitted waistline. Because A-line is available in different variations of the cut, it is perfect for brides of all body types – petite, average, or big. No doubt, your body shape isn’t a key factor to consider when buying this dress. Instead, for you to be sure you’re picking the right dress, you need to put a few factors, such as fabric and color, into consideration.

Read on to discover everything you should know before going ahead to start shopping for the best wedding dress A-line styles on Bliss Gown.

  1. A-line shape

Let’s begin this buying guide by first considering the A-line shape. As earlier mentioned, irrespective of your shape, a wedding dress A-line gown is ideal for you.

That said, the next question is what exact type of A-line silhouette will work best for you? Here’s where you need to pick your preferred wedding dress length, such as tea length, wedding dress princess style, and many more. The good thing about A-line dresses is that they come in a shape that works perfectly irrespective of the length you opt for.

  1. Straps options

Once you’re done settling for an A-line silhouette, what you need next is to consider the different types of straps for your wedding dress.

Today, wedding dress straps are available in different types for A-line gowns. If you don’t want to go with no straps, you can consider spaghetti straps, thicker/banded straps, or one-shoulder straps. You can also go for sleeves and scrapping straps.

Bottom line: when it comes to picking the best straps for your A-line gown, you need to factor in your needs, especially how much support and coverage you need.

  1. Should you go for a sleeve or sleeveless A-line gown

Another factor that influences the choice of a suitable and perfect wedding dress A-line gown is ‘sleeve vs sleeveless.”

Well, your best choice here depends on whether or not you’re looking to highlight your arms. Your answer to this question should help you make a better choice between a sleeveless, long sleeve wedding dress, off-the-shoulder gown, or half sleeves.

  1. Necklines also matter

As with straps and straps, necklines are also essential for changing your wedding look with the best wedding dress A-line gown. Without much effort, a sweetheart neckline will certainly blend well with your A-line dress.

If you want an unconventional result, you can consider going for a plunging neckline. Alternatively, you can pick a straight-across neckline if you’re much more interested in a conventional result.

  1. Embellishments

There’s no denying that embellishments aren’t always necessary. Regardless, however, it still makes a lot of sense to also consider this factor.

Today, the common wedding dress embellishments available out there include:

  • Wedding dress A-line lace appliques
  • Crystal beading
  • Wedding dress sequins
  • Border trims
  • Pearls
  • Fringe
  • Ribbon

For a more minimalistic sophistication, you can go for lace overlays. To add some personal touches, you can consider going for a ribbon embellishment.

  1. Fabric type 

What is the best fabric for your wedding dress A-line gown? You can make the right choice based on the wedding season, venue, skin type, and a few other factors.

  • For instance, does your wedding date fall in the summer months or spring months? If yes, all you need is to choose a lighter fabric for your wedding gown. In this case, the two best options you can consider are cotton & satin.
  • If it falls during the winter months, we’ll advise that you go for heavier fabrics. Some good examples are thick layers of wedding dress tulle or velvet.
  • Speaking of versatility, your best options are satin and silk.

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