Practical ways to increase your credit score

credit score

You can increase your own creditworthiness and your credit score in the long term by increasing your income, reducing your monthly expenses, saving equity, and avoiding or paying off unnecessary debts. 

However, many consumers want to improve their creditworthiness immediately. You can improve your credit rating with our tips and tricks within a very short time to get the loan you want. At Hulk Credit Repair, we have collated 10 tips for rapid credit repair.

10 tips for rapid credit repair

Tip 1: Take on a second borrower

Include a second borrower in the loan agreement. This increases your credit rating through the additional assets and, thus, the chance of a loan.

Tip 2: Reduce checking accounts and credit cards

Borrowers often have multiple checking accounts and credit cards that they never use. It can negatively affect the credit rating of this large number of accounts, reducing your credit score for credit cards. So, cancel superfluous checking accounts and credit cards for a better credit rating.

Tip 3: Do budget planning

You can set up a budget or financial plan so that you have an overview of your finances. This allows you to calculate how much of your monthly income (after deducting expenses) is left. So you know exactly how much credit you can afford. If you want to avoid calculating this yourself, special apps and credit repair services can easily help with this. With these, you can easily track your income and expenses and adjust them if necessary.

Tip 4: Conduct a free loan comparison

Use a non-binding loan comparison or make a condition request. When comparing loans, the creditworthiness is not affected, in contrast to the loan request. This means that you do not have to improve your creditworthiness afterward.

Tip 5: Combine several loans

Pay off existing debts immediately or convert several loans into one loan. Debt restructuring means that you only have to pay one loan installment. In addition, there is only one credit in the Credit Bureau. You can often improve your own credit rating in this way. 

Tip 6: Pay bills promptly

Paying your bills on time can improve your credit score. However, the first reminder is usually issued if you have lost track of your bills. However, this is not a problem and does not affect your creditworthiness. Only the second reminder, which you must receive some weeks after the first, can possibly lead to a negative entry in the Credit Bureau.

Tip 7: Delete negative Credit Bureau entries

Have negative credit entries deleted and increase your Credit Bureau score. With a good credit rating, you can get loans faster and easier. Find out which entries can be deleted on request and which cannot. You are also entitled to a free Credit Bureau report once on request. You can hire a credit repair service to help check through the entries and get you on the right track for rapid credit repair.

Tip 8: Avoid frequent changes of bank provider and place of residence

It sounds obvious: Nevertheless, you should keep in mind not to change your bank provider and place of residence too often. Frequent moving is often associated with trying to avoid debt. This can lead to a negative Credit Bureau entry. You should also avoid changing banks frequently: If you have been loyal to a bank for many years, this will positively affect your creditworthiness.

Tip 9: Take out the maximum overdraft facility

If you use the highest possible overdraft facility, the bank will also rate your creditworthiness as high. This is then also passed on to Credit Bureau. However, the overdraft facility should not be overdrawn because this, in turn, has a negative effect on creditworthiness.

Tip 10: Pay off debt

Consumers should generally pay off only a few debts at a time. If you still have debts, it can lead to low creditworthiness, and banks reject loan applications more often. So pay off the debts in good time and keep an eye on them: too much debt can quickly jeopardize your financial situation.


The best advice is to hire a credit repair service that can, in turn, request and analyzes your credit report to fish out all mistakes. Financial tips and advice on whether you can lease a car with bad credit will follow. But the main doubt users have is whether credit repair is legit. This is why we advise you to use a reputable credit repair service like Hulk Credit Repair, with a proven track record of helping users increase their credit scores.

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