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Custom build computers for gaming are getting increasingly popular. Since gaming has become increasingly popular, the need for a gaming PC has skyrocketed. It implies that most computer repair companies will encounter strong components in their service systems. It also means that you will have more consumers interested in developing a gaming PC.

To design the greatest system that will satisfy your consumers, you’ll need to learn everything from a custom PC building service to creating gaming systems. This blog will assist you with your goal by describing everything you need to know.

What do you require?

To create a powerful gaming computer, you’ll need the following components.

Processor: this is the most important component of your PC and will influence many of the decisions you make for the remainder of the construction.

Motherboard: To control anything, your processor needs a suitable motherboard.

Graphics Card: A graphics card is the beating heart of a gaming PC. Most graphics cards are designed to slot into the motherboard, while others are included with the CPU. The most expensive component of your project.

RAM: an essential component of every computer. Most RAM modules now allow RGB illumination, which adds to their cool factor.

Storage: Storage options include slower mechanical HDDs and speedier SSDs.

PC Case: The PC Case is the chassis that houses your whole build. Consider this to be the body of an automobile.

To build a custom PC, the components mentioned above will go into the construction of your gaming PC. You may add more fans and peripherals, but this is all you’ll need for the most part. A normal Philips-head screwdriver will secure the components. Have some zip ties on your hand for wires to keep your setup neat. Anti-static devices would make things safer.

What is your budget?

Understanding what components you’ll purchase and how much you’ll spend on custom-built computers is critical. Each piece will cost you money, with some being more expensive than others. The key factor determining a PC’s pricing is how much your customer’s budget enables you to spend.

Performance and features are the most important factors in determining your customer’s PC budget. Customers who want to play the newest AAA games at 4K resolutions have to pay a premium for those capabilities. Many titles also support VR, so if they’re interested in it, they’ll have to pay a premium. High frame rates are also quickly becoming a need for the majority of players. If your custom PC shop clients want to play many traditional games at 120+ frames per second, they’ll need a more powerful setup.

Processor (CPU)

Intel and AMD are the two most common makers of desktop CPUs. Whichever one you select is mostly a matter of personal choice. Processors are characterized by three main metrics: the number of cores, clock speed, and threads. The more centers your CPU has, the more jobs it can execute.


The motherboard is the central stack into which all components are connected. It is in charge of interacting with all your gadgets and ensuring you can utilize them to their greatest capacity. The motherboard is primarily determined by the type of CPU used and comes in various sizes. ITX, MATX, and ATX are three of the most prevalent.

Graphics Card

While many CPUs include an integrated graphics processor, we only suggest them for light games from a few years ago. Nvidia and ATI are the two companies that dominate the graphics card market. With its GTX/RTX series and excellent ray-tracing capabilities, Nvidia is the more popular pick.


The RAM of a computer defines the load it can withstand and the speed with which it can complete tasks. Most RAM modules are classified based on storage size, class, and clock speed. A good arrangement would need at least 8GB of DDR4 RAM running at roughly 2666 MHz. Greater configurations produce better results, and it is always preferable to have two RAM cards totaling the amount.


Hard drives include your operating system, installed applications, and any other data on your computer. They typically come in two varieties: slower but less costly mechanical drives (HDD) and quicker but more expensive solid-state drives (SSD) (SSD). Many gaming PC setups will feature one or the other, or both, or both on the same machine.

Power Supply

A power supply (PSU) is required to power your computer. These large, bulky units plug into your system and power everything. Because it powers everything in your system, you should choose a higher-wattage power supply. Some firms have even started producing modular power supplies.

PC Case

The size of your motherboard and the components that go within it influence the size of your PC case. You’ll want something with plenty of space and decent cooling. 

Some will even have cables flowing through them to power external audio and I/O ports. Purchasing a power supply from a respected brand is a better bet.

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Final Thoughts

Computer Builders Anonymous is an all-in-one custom-built PC shop software that meets your custom-built computer requirements. It allows you to organize appointments with customers to collect their requirements, purchase unique items from vendors online or in person, and log the number of hours you’ve worked on the assignment. When you’re finished, you must alter the status of your repair work, and your customer will be automatically alerted by email and SMS.

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