Even though the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has made certain changes, getting a Ghana driver’s License isn’t as hard as it might seem. But if you plan on going on a vacation or any other holiday and wish to drive in Ghana, you can also use the International Driver’s Permit. 


An International Driving Permit—also known as an International Driving License—is a translation of a domestic driving license that grants the holder permission to drive a private motor vehicle in any nation or jurisdiction that recognizes the document.

The United Nations regulates the International Driving Permit (IDP), which proves that you have a valid driver’s License in your home country.

Your IDP is a substantial type of ID accepted in over 150 nations and contains your name, photograph, and driver data in the 12 most generally communicated dialects on the planet.

Now that you know what an IDP entails let’s get to know the various driving rules in Ghana.


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Traffic laws alone cannot regulate any kind of driving that might occur. Drivers need to know and follow a few general guidelines. These safety tips could help you avoid accidents, serious injuries, or even deaths on your trip to Ghana. These are merely generalizations, and your actions are never governed by them. Following the driving rules, you can avoid trouble with the road traffic authorities.

It is strictly forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving. E-mail, instant messages, text messages, and Internet data are prohibited. Concentrate all your attention on the road, especially the ones without road signs.

When flashing yellow lights are activated, all vehicles approaching the school bus should slow down and prepare to stop. If an ambulance or police vehicle is approaching, switch to the right shoulder of the road. Yield to all motorway repair cars and staff in the construction zone. If you are on a path with multiple lanes if at all possible, move to the right lane. Distances Between Cars For vehicles traveling

Important Information

  • Ghana follows the right lane of traffic.
  • 18 is the minimum age required to drive.
  • A seat belt is required.
  • Restraining the child is a must.
  • It must be hands-free. Unless your phone is hands-free, keep it away.
  • Drink with caution. In urban areas, the speed limit is 30 km/h, and on most highways, it is 80 km/h. The legal limit for alcohol consumption is 80 mg per 100 ml of blood.
  • You have to stop every four hours. Before continuing your journey, take some time to rest.
  • Always keep an emergency first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spare tire, and early warning device in your vehicle.


Start the process of applying for an international driver’s License for Ghana on an official website and complete the online form. After submitting the form that contains all essential data, you should attach two photographs. After that, the application process will begin, and within a few hours, your License will be issued. It’s simple and straightforward.

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