Advantages Of Having A Aluminium UTE Tray

Aluminium UTE Tray

You may have already considered purchasing a tray for your four-wheel-drive utility vehicle, primarily if you work in a trade, tend a farm, or like camping. The most significant advantage of having one is increasing the cargo your vehicle can transport. When you have a full tray, it will be simple and risk-free for you to transfer the items to your vehicle. Ute trays are usually constructed to be quite strong and readily support significant weight. On the other hand, aluminium trays for UTE are among the most excellent solutions available if you are searching for an extra layer of protection. They are simple to install on the vast majority of different kinds of utes, and depending on the weight rating; they can carry substantial loads.

Aluminium makes for a tray for UTE that can easily withstand the test of time and is simpler to load and unload cargo from than other materials. In addition, you have the option to remove the sidewalls, which will result in an increase in the available surface area for loading your equipment. The following is a more in-depth examination of the many advantages that aluminium trays for UTE have to offer:

Additional Capacity For Loading

The attractiveness of these trays is in the increased storage space that they give. Extra load capacity enables you to transport everything you need, whether camping, travelling for work, or engaging in any other activity. Vehicles built with aluminium trays can carry greater weight than other utes with standard tubs. This load may include heavy things such as construction tools, furniture, and other bulky objects.

Options And Accessories For The Tray

You can mix and match items to your satisfaction using bespoke aluminium ute trays. Because these choices are often unavailable with factory-installed tubs, purchasing a tub made to order confers an extra advantage. Custom trays and tubs make it possible to have lockable tool boxes and ladder racks. Still, the former comes with additional features and customisation choices, such as removable side rails, slide-out drawers, canopies, and double-height side rails.


The majority of tubs that are placed in factories do not come with any other design choices. On the other hand, if you go with custom aluminium trays for UTE, you can customise the specifics of your desired tray, including its size, colour, finish, and design. You can also add custom finishes or paint the entire body to match one of your colours.

Perfect For The Conditions Of The Workplace

Aluminium trays for a custom-made ute are preferable for use in professional settings. They have a bigger load capacity, are more adaptable, and make the task you do simpler. Whatever you want to accomplish with your utility vehicle, you can use the tray’s adaptability to any working environment.

Enhance The Value Of Your Automobile

Investing in an aluminium tray may add significant value to your ute. When selling the car, you may set a higher price than you are asking for it because of this. 

Strengthen The Defences

You can install supplementary safety mechanisms into your automobile if it is outfitted with an aluminium ute tray. You will be provided with lockable tool boxes that will assist you in maintaining the integrity of your supplies and equipment while you are working on-site.


It is easy to see why aluminium ute trays have gained popularity for use in utility vehicles considering the myriad of advantages associated with their use. These trays provide an additional layer of protection, offer more load capacity, raise the vehicle’s value, and contribute to the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. Therefore, if you possess a utility vehicle, consider purchasing an aluminium tray as soon as possible.

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