Double Sided Garden Flags: How To Make a Garden Flag

Garden Flags

Are you planning to make garden flags?

Even though wintertime is here, it may still be cathartic to remember good summer days. This remembrance can be done in many ways, but we’re here to talk about a popular way of doing so, with double sided garden flags.

Not only can double-sided flags serve as a reminder of the past and the season you spent close to nature, but they can also be used as conversation starters between you and your visitors! Read below for our guide on how to make a garden flag and how to get the most out of it.

Gather the Materials

To do this, choose the type of garden flag you would like to make. Is it a printed design, an embroidered flag, or a DIY flag? Once a type has been chosen, pick out a flag pole, a flag backer, and fabric for the flag. Depending on the flag type chosen, there may be additional items. 

To make a winter flag, look for fabrics with winter-inspired designs like snowflakes, snowmen, trees, or other cold-weather motifs.  If you don’t have time to make one, you can find winter flags on sale online to make the coldest part of the year more fun.

Stencil Your Desired Design

You can start by picking out the fabric for your flag (canvas, burlap, or fabric) and a piece of paper large enough to fit your design. Then, create your design on paper with a pencil and ruler, or with your cutting machine or printer by using iron-on transfer paper.

When you have your design ready, add spray adhesive or glue to the back of the paper to stick it to your fabric. Now, use a utility knife to carefully cut out your design. Unpeel the stencil and place it on your fabric.

After that, use fabric paint or markers to color your flag design. Finally, let your flag dry and hang it up to enjoy!

Decorate Your Garden Flag

One way you can accomplish this is by starting with a plain flag and using fabric paints to create a custom design or add colorful embellishments.

You may also choose to make a garden flag using fabric, such as cotton or burlap, and stitch it onto a rod or stake to make a banner. Additionally, you can use paper, felt, and embellishments to help create a unique look.

For example, use craft punches to cut out paper shapes, glue them on the burlap, and add pom poms, ribbons, or other adornments to make a stunning flag.

Add Finishing Touches

A garden flag can help to dress up the outside of your home and give it a professional look. To make a garden flag, you will need a piece of fabric, decorative trim, and fabric glue.

Start by cutting the fabric into the shape of your choice, keeping in mind the size of a garden flag. Then choose a decorative trim to add to the edges of the flag to give it a more finished look.

Creating Fancy Double Sided Garden Flags

In summary, creating your own garden flag can be a fun and creative way to show your individual style. With a few simple steps, you can create a unique flag that will attract attention and people’s admiration.

Whether a beginner or an experienced DIYer, you can use this tutorial to make stylish, eye-catching double sided garden flags. So, get creative – make your own flag today!

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