Women Hair Thinning Solution in 2022: Hair Toppers

Hair thinning is caused by shedding more hair than you should. On average, a person can lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair. Hair thinning does not cause balding, although there are visible spots with no hair. Hair thinning can be caused by; using too many hair treatment products such as color treatments and relaxers, use of hair products that are too harsh on your hair, tight hairstyles that are pulling the hair too tight, lack of enough iron, folic acid, and other minerals, and experiencing chronic stress. Hair toppers are becoming popular in solving hair thinning problems. This is because they are easy to use and add volume to the hair. Hair toppers are clipped on the hair on the head, and this is possible because they have a smaller base. Hair toppers are the best option for covering hair thinning at the top of the head or the crown.

What is a hair topper?

A hair topper is a hand-made hair that can be made from synthetic heat-defiant fiber or human hair. Hair toppers can have a silk base or monofilament lace. Hair toppers blend with natural hair indefectibly creating an ideal and natural look. Hair toppers are ideal for styling thin hair while still showing your natural hair. It is possible to conceal hair thinning while still being able to touch, feel and see the natural hair. Hair toppers come in different sizes and volumes depending on the client’s wants. There are many hair toppers to choose from; therefore, it is easy for clients to find the perfect hair topper for their heads. Hair toppers can last up to six months of daily wear and when washed and taken care of. The cost of hair toppers depends on various factors: the length of the hair, the material used to make them, either synthetic fiber of human hair or the volume needed.  Most hair toppers have the following characteristics;

· Monofilament top

· Realistic lace front

· Pressure-sensitive clips

· And good coverage

Are hair toppers suitable for hair thinning?

Hair toppers are an excellent solution for hair thinning since they conceal hair thinning by adding volume. They are also suitable for women who have flat or fine hair since they add volume and make the hair look thicker. Hair toppers for women are good for hair thinning for the following reasons;

· They are lightweight,

· They add volume to the natural hair

· They conceal baldness caused by hair loss

· They are also easy to use

Choosing hair toppers

Hair toppers come in different base types, hair colors, and base sizes. When choosing hair toppers, women experience a hard time since there are several hair toppers to choose from. When choosing the perfect hair topper, it is crucial to measure and understand how much hair thinning one has.

· Base material

Hair toppers come in different materials, including silk base PU, monofilament, lace front, and integration. 

· Base size

Hair loss differs from one person to another. Some people do not experience hair thinning or hair loss at all. Hair toppers come in different base sizes depending on the type of hair loss a person is experiencing, as shown below;

· Losing hair at the parting area, the 2-4″ hair topper will be ideal

· A 4-6” hair topper is ideal for progressive hair loss

· A 6-10″ hair topper will be needed in progressive hair loss.

· Hair length

The length of hair toppers to choose depends on the size of the hair a client wants to use.

· Hair Color

The color of the hair topper to use depends on the color of a client’s hair. Hair toppers come in different colors, which vary from lowlights to highlights.

Best human hair toppers

The best hair topper varies from person to person since everyone has what they consider the best. Some factors are best for everyone.

· Overall quality

Everyone desires to achieve the most realistic look with hair toppers. Choosing the best high-quality hair topper will give a realistic look and a lasting hairpiece.

· Hair Color

A hair topper that matches the color of the hair the person will give the most realistic look.

· Coverage type

Every woman buys a hair topper hoping for good and quality coverage. Before purchasing, it is essential to see how much a hair topper covers hair thinning.

· Texture and hair type

To achieve the most realistic look, choosing a hair topper with the same texture as a person’s hair is essential. Choosing a hair topper that is heat friendly will enable a person to style it with their hair.


Hair thinning and loss affect any woman who sheds hair more than she should. Hair toppers have become popular in helping to conceal hair thinning and hair loss. Hair toppers can be either human hair or synthetic heat-defiant fiber. Hair toppers should blend well with a person’s hair to give the most realistic and natural look. Hair toppers are popular because they are lightweight, easy to use, and add volume to natural hair. When choosing a hair topper, there are different features: hair color, length, base size, and material. The best hair toppers have good coverage, the best hair color, the texture that matches the natural hair, and the overall quality. Hair thinning is a problem that can affect any woman, therefore choosing a hair topper that will conceal the hair thinning while enhancing volume is important.

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