Where To Find The Best Food In High Point NC?


Although it is most well-known for the production of furniture and textiles, the city of High Point in North Carolina also features a diverse array of cultural and gastronomic opportunities. The broad range of eateries in High Point offers something for everyone, with options ranging from burritos to BBQ, crepes to catfish, and everything in between. Take a look at our list of the restaurants for the best food in High Point NC with a cultural focus.

Salt & Pepper

The newly launched Salt & Pepper Indian Restaurant in High Point, North Carolina, features authentic cuisine and is located in the neighborhood. You can enjoy typical Indian dishes as well as the one-of-a-kind specialties that have been made by their world-class chefs. They provide you with a comfortable home away from home right here HC for the best food in High Point NC.

Blue Water Grille

It is the ideal location for a memorable evening out on the town in High Point. Their condensed menu displays a high level of thought and originality. Take, for instance, the Blue Water BLT, which replaces the word “lettuce” with “lobster” and also includes egg linguini and more in its list of ingredients. It draws inspiration from a variety of regions, including France and Asia. To complement the food, there’s an excellent selection of wines. Why not start with an appetizer from Asia, and go on to the main course from the Caribbean to have the best food in High Point NC?

Carter Brothers’ BBQ and Ribs

In North Carolina, barbecuing is more than just a method of preparing food; it’s also an important part of the state’s cultural heritage. Carter Brothers, which specializes in the sweeter, saucier Western NC style of barbecue and is located in High Point, has received the highest honors. High Point is located in the west-central region of the state. You should try the ribs at this place and also attempt to find a good balance between the meat and the sides.

Claddagh Bar and Restaurant

The Claddagh is a symbol that honors Irish heritage because many of the earliest Europeans who settled here were of Irish descent. The traditional area of the menu is where guests may find popular Irish dishes such as shepherd’s pie and more. Visit this restaurant on a Sunday and order the Irish breakfast for a genuine treat to round up your weekend. The basic brick outside of the building hides the abundance of warmth and the comfortable environment that can be found on the inside. The authentic Irish experience can be found in the Claddagh, which has Guinness as well as a wide selection of Irish whiskey, making the best experience of having food in High Point NC.

Full Kee Restaurant

Since moving to High Point in 2006, the proprietors of Full Kee Restaurant have been delighting locals and visitors alike with their elevated takes on traditional Chinese cuisine. The proprietors formerly managed a highly regarded Chinese eatery in the nation’s capital. The expertise and commitment of Chef Yu elevate the excellence of traditionally prepared Chinese cuisine to a whole new level. In the past, he has catered to the preferences of some of the most powerful politicians in the United States, and despite the fact that the restaurant has relocated, he continues to strive to create the finest Chinese cuisine possible. If you are looking for a Chinese restaurant in High Point that is a step beyond the others, you should head to Full Kee. This establishment is not your typical Chinese eatery in the United States.


The Hampton’s emanates southern charm in a setting, thanks to its location in an old villa designed the Italian Renaissance style. The JH Adams Inn, which was formerly the residence of important early HC businessman John Hampton Adams, is now home to the restaurant known as Hampton’s. The structure underwent restoration in 2001 and then opened its doors to the public at that time. The restaurant has evolved over the years and now serves a wide range of American dishes, many of which have a southern influence. Whether you order something from lunch menu, which features items like mac & cheese or something from the evening menu, which includes grit cakes and fried catfish, this will surely be the best food in High Point NC.


The little-known hidden treasure L’Italiano’s more than makes up for in terms of quality what it lacks in terms of aesthetic elegance. The Sicilian proprietor was successful in covertly relocating a little portion of Italy to HC, where it is now housed in an office building. The meals at L’Italiano prefer are simple and this decision is rewarded by the excellent flavor. The handmade dressings and the large selection of pasta and sauce are just a few examples.

Pancho Villa’s

Pancho Villa’s takes the conventional menu for a Mexican restaurant, giving plenty of odd and intriguing combinations to cater to NC’s thriving Mexican and Latino communities. Despite this, they are able to maintain rates at relatively reasonable levels, making it an excellent option for anyone looking for an inexpensive yet flavorful and substantial dinner. You can select something from their large seafood menu, you can go for their unique “monster” burrito. Both options are delicious.

I hope you will have great time when you approach these restaurants for food in High Point NC.

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