Gifts for Finishing Police Training

<B>Gifts for Finishing Police Training</B>

Every year, hundreds of thousands of new graduates leave the hallowed halls of the Police Academy and join the ranks of law enforcement for their respective cities.

This is a major milestone and a noteworthy accomplishment – not all that enroll in the Police Academy come out as officers on the other side, and those who do have endured some incredibly tough training. 

Know someone who is finishing police training soon and want to help them celebrate this big achievement? Getting them a job-appropriate gift will help them feel appreciated and loved during this major moment of transition. 

What kind of gifts for police academy graduates should you consider? What might be the best kind of gift to give? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few options that are sure to be memorable hits. 

Police Officer Dock Station

Officers have to carry around a lot of gear with them on a daily basis and are nearly almost always on the move. They have to keep organized with items both big and small, complicated and simple.

Why not get your graduate a practical gift that will help them to manage all of these goods? It might even help their performance as an officer in their early days on the job. 

Something as simple as a wooden dock station can provide an easy and reliable resting place for their smaller items: phones, pens and pencils, sunglasses, watches, and so forth. 

You can even have this kind of dock station engraved to give it a personal touch for your future officer. Giving a gift that has such a practical use will most certainly help your loved one feel appreciated and better prepared for the job. 

Police Coins

Are you familiar with the history of the challenge coin? Challenge coins actually have their origins in the military, but in the past few decades have gotten more popular within organizations like the police or the fire department. 

Back in WWII, challenge coins were awarded by squadron leaders to their soldiers as a token of gratitude for their bravery and service. These coins were a personalized identifiers and a symbol of great pride. Many veterans still hold onto these challenge coins as one of their more important keepsakes from their time in service.

Their application in the world of the police is quite similar. A police coin likely celebrates an officer’s role in a specific branch of the department. It’s still a badge of pride, and one that points towards the sense of community and duty the department requires. 

Getting one or more police coins for your soon-to-be graduate can prove to be a meaningful gesture. It’s an item that they can hold onto through the years of their service and be proud of. 

Some Great Police Movies

Why not gift your soon-to-be officer with some fantastic pieces of cinema that can help them get excited about their new career?

Police officers are some of the most fascinating characters strewn throughout the history of the movies, with both good cops and bad cops in the lineup.

For your graduation gift, it’s likely better to focus on some of the cop heroes of the silver screen or focus on films that focus on the idea of law and policing in general. 

Serpico starring Al Pacino is one of the most famous films about policing of all time, featuring the famed actor in a starring role as a cop who could not be corrupted. My Darling Clementine is technically an old western, but it’s an essential tale about standing up for what’s right and policing a corrupt area. 

Seven and Zodiac are both fantastic police procedurals from David Fincher that help to put a spotlight on the amazing amount of work and research that police have to put into discovering the truth. 

And to keep things on the lighter side, you may be interested in getting your graduate the initial Naked Gun film – a deliriously fun spoof that still manages to be a perfect police procedural. 

Handing over a bundle of fresh BluRays to your new graduate is a creative way to celebrate a shared cultural heritage. It’s an innovative gift that will still feel personal to the occasion at hand. 

Waterproof Field Notebook

Police officers have to take a lot of notes, and they’re often out in the elements. For this reason, what could be a better gift than a waterproof field notebook? 

Providing a practical gift like this can help your future officer perform their job better. The cheap, standard notebook that the department itself might provide could easily get ruined by a storm. 

Meanwhile, the waterproof alternative that you’ll provide your graduate will help to keep their notes safe no matter what weather situation might arise.

These notes could be deeply important to whatever case they’re working on, after all, and you’d hate to see this material ruined because of poor preparation.

Your loved one is bound to enjoy and appreciate this thoughtful gift, and it’s affordable enough that you can combine it with another on this list without breaking the bank!

The Best Gifts for Finishing Police Training

If you have a loved one who is just about to finish their police training, you may be curious as to how to celebrate this achievement.

Giving a personalized gift will always be a smart move, and you can read through the above options if you’re looking for a fantastic item for your future officer. 

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