In the United Kingdom, chameleons are a popular pet with its calm nature. We adore them due to their wonderful personalities, ease of care, and amazing colors. Yemen and panther chameleons are the most well-liked of the various species that are available in the market today. Yemen chameleons are beautiful, grow to a good size, and despite their feistiness, we find that given time, they make a wonderful pet for both novice and experienced keepers. 

Panther chameleons, on the other hand, are a little more empathetic and involved than other chameleons, but with the right conditions and care, they can be one of the hobby’s most beautiful and favorite pets. 

Prior to owning a chameleon, one needs to have good knowledge on their diet. So what can I feed my chameleon? This question would be answered in this blog today as we’ll look at 5 palatable meals you can give to your chameleons today.


Chameleons are colorful pets that many individuals couldn’t want anything more than to claim yet but they aren’t ready for all the hardwork included. In the event that you will take the test of keeping chameleons, you need to take care of them with a particular chameleon diet to keep them solid. Below is a comprehensive list of what a chameleon eats;


Waxworms are our go-to treat chameleon food you can get today. They are tiny so they can be taken given to juveniles to munch on, sub-adults and even adults. They have a seriously high fat substance so we wouldn’t involve them as a fundamental eating routine however a few times each week would be fine.


Fruit beetle grubs are a definitive treat for a chameleon. They may not be reasonable relying upon the species because of the sheer size yet in the event that you have a chameleon comparable in size to the Yemen chameleon they will cherish this grub. They have generally similar shape and size as the enormous or grown-up cockroaches yet comparable fat substance to the Waxworms making them exceptionally attractive.

We would suggest 1 perhaps 2 grubs in seven days for an adult chameleon.


Cockroaches are a protein rich and palatable dinner for your pet chameleon. They are a greater food size and a piece harder to process than crickets and mealworms so we would just involve them as a treat a few times each week. They will live in the tub for quite a while contrasted with other live food varieties so we typically suggest one tub per month (several cockroaches every week) similarly as a treat.


Crickets are the most savvy and nutritious dinner for your chameleon available. They are many times the staple eating routine for bug eating types of reptile for various reasons. We suggest them since they are truly simple to process, truly simple to find in any event, when you don’t have a nearby reptile store and a seriously modest method for taking care of your chameleon. 

As with the vast majority of the live food on this blog they ought to be stomach stacked and cleaned before they are added to the chameleon’s habitat.

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