10 Harmful Chemicals in Shampoos That Reason Loss Of Hair


Hair is priceless and nobody wishes to shed them to unsafe chemicals existing in hair shampoos and hair products. Skin doctors across the globe think that witnessing a lot of hair strands in the shower must – among other points – make us look seriously at our hair product selections. If this warning is overlooked, the hair autumn can come to be so chronic that you will need a toupee wig for men or hair wigs for women to cover it!

It is quite normal to shed 50 to 100 hair strands a day; however, more than that means something is wrong. As well as a lot of times, it’s the chemicals in our shampoos and also hair items that start hair loss. In this blog, Lord hair will certainly aid you in recognizing chemicals present in shampoos that bring about hair damage that can develop into full-blown baldness.

Allow’s start!

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Is your shampoo causing hair loss?

Hair shampoo, believe it or not, is commonly the origin (justification for the word play here) of hair loss. There is, obviously, a specific irony there. The item that we utilize to cleanse our hair as well as make it look much better might really be what causes our hair to befall. If you were to take a look at the listing of active ingredients on the back of a hair shampoo container, after that, most of the active ingredients would certainly not mean much to you. However, the reality is in amongst this listing are chemicals that trigger the loss of hair. You will locate these chemicals in various other hair items also. If hair shampoo was made purely to clean your hair, then possibly there would not be so much trouble.

However, as we will certainly outline, there are several chemicals in shampoo that cause loss of hair that you must watch out for. When you discover what various other kinds of products these chemicals are found in, you will certainly recognize why they can be so dangerous to your hair.

Shampoo Ingredients That Cause Hair Loss

Below are 8 harmful chemicals located in shampoo that creates hair loss:

Salt Lauryl Sulfate and Laureth Sulfate

Sulfates are one of the most destructive of all chemicals found in hair items. Sulfates are in fact, discovered in vehicle wash soap as well as engine degreasers. There are several types of sulfates, yet two that you must be aware of are salt lauryl sulfates and also sodium Laureth sulfates.

Think about any shampoo industrial and you will certainly see the star working up an excellent lather of shampoo in the shower. Naturally, you would conclude that soap and foam would certainly be an advantage, but that is not the case.

They break down the healthy proteins our hair requires to expand and also they remove the protective oils of hair, which can trigger the hair to dry and afterwards breakage.

Chemical Fragrances

A determining element for a lot of us in the purchase of any hair shampoo is its aroma. Isn’t your first instinct to pick up a bottle of shampoo and also scent it? Shampoo, like other appeal items, has chemical fragrances. They might smell great, yet these fragrances can in fact, cause a hormone inequality. Loss of hair has been confirmed to occur from changes in hormone levels.

So, the following time you make a decision to acquire a shampoo, even if it smells wonderful, think twice! Solid chemical fragrances can lead to a lot of hair damage.

Sodium Chloride

Salt might be good for our body’s immune system, however, it’s most definitely bad for your hair’s health and wellness. It has concurred in the clinical area that its chemical composition adversely impacts hair health and wellness. Inspect your hair shampoo ingredients to make sure that it is not overdosing on sodium chloride. In case you think picking a chemical-free hair shampoo is way too much job, well, be prepared to put on hair wigs for guys.

Salt may benefit our immune system, yet it’s absolutely bad for your hair’s health and wellness. Its chemical make-up causes deteriorate your hair’s health and wellness.


The shampoo includes chemicals, of which parabens are one. Parabens may offer the beginning of germs in hair products however, keep an eye out for words finishing in– parabens, such as methylparaben and propylparaben, in the ingredients listing. They resemble scents because of the effect they can carry on an individual’s hormonal agents. Parabens are actually also connected to breast cancer cells.

Have you ever before imagined that your favourite hair item is a possible provider of cancer? Well, you should have it now!

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol has been classified as a skin irritant. Whilst it aids with the consistency of shampoo, propylene glycol is made use to aid the scalp to soak up various other chemicals in hair shampoo. So, we are talking about a compound that works to obtain all the nasty things right into your body!

Visualize, if it can spoil your hair’s wellness from outdoors, what will it do after entering your skin? These chemicals are hazardous and trigger a lot more than a loss of hair.

Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA).

Diethanolamine and also Triethanolamine are 2 chemicals that also cause irritability to the skin. They can likewise ruin keratin – an essential element of hair. This ultimately results in completely dry, brittle hair.

Considering that females hair shampoo their hair regularly as well as use a selection of hair items, it is more important for them to inspect the components and ensure that no harmful chemicals exist in their products. Experiencing an extreme loss of hair? Check out our hair wigs for women to combat back while your real hair recovers from the damage inflicted by chemicals in hair items.


Out of all the harmful chemicals existing in popular shampoos (including the ones we discussed over), Formaldehyde is one of the most destructive. Also called a human health hazard, it has been shown to be taken in through the scalp during animal testing. This common shampoo ingredient is an irritant and an allergen to some people.

While washing your hair with shampoo rich in Formaldehyde, your eyes might sting. In rare cases, your nose will start running. According to leading hair experts, there also have been cases of hair loss and vomiting from hair products with high levels of Formaldehyde. So, watch out for this hair-damaging chemical present in shampoos!


You might be surprised and probably thinking, “Wait, there is alcohol in my shampoo?” To be honest, alcohol is a very common component in cheap shampoos. Although not all alcohols are bad for your hair (like Cetearyl alcohol and Stearyl alcohol), alcohols like isopropanol and propanol present in some popular shampoos can make your hair lifeless and trigger hair loss. Read the shampoo label to make sure these alcohol formulations are not present in your shampoo!

So, there you have it!

A list of harmful chemicals in hair products that can cause hair loss!

Chemicals in Shampoo That Cause Hairfall: Endnote

If you value your hair, then do take the time to check out what is listed on the bottle of your shampoo. There are alternatives out there, for sure. All-natural solutions such as apple cider vinegar do exist, for example.

Harmful chemicals present in low-quality hair products not only affect your hair and scalp but can also harm your hair system or human hair wig if you wear one!

At Bono hair, we can assure you that the hair you have on your hair system is of the highest quality. Look out for the above harmful chemicals in your hair products and make sure you look after the hair of your hair system in the same way you look after your own hair.

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