Content Marketing and the 5 Reasons to Produce Quality

The livelihood for every website on the internet is traffic and content marketing continues as the best way to generate long-term sustainable income from your online activities. While there are hundreds of different ways to generate traffic most are short-lived or quickly become expensive to maintain over a long period of time. Content marketing that produces useful, relevant, and timely information about your subject quickly draws the attention of search engines, bloggers, and visitors.

1. Attracting Targeted Traffic to Your Internet Property

If you consider your website like it were a piece of commercial real estate then you must remember the top 3 things that make real estate value. They are Location, Location, and Location. Your website thrives on Traffic, Traffic, and Traffic. All of the major search engines look for relevancy in the articles that you place on your website. Quality content brings higher scores and higher organic search results.

2. Inbound Links Build Credibility amongst the Search Engines

People who read the information your content marketing produces will make comments about it. This is purely human nature and the more people who are talking about your article marketing efforts the more inbound links from outside sources your site will pick up. The more links that are attached to similar sites the better site will rank and the more visitors you will have.

3. Content Marketing Builds Your Search Engine Reputation

When the Panda update dust finally settled the need for putting quality content on your website was apparent to everyone on the Internet. Sites that had produced incomes for people were suddenly wiped from the face of the search engines and more timely information and a better user experience were produced for all. Those who continue to post junk content are finding themselves at a loss now that they are unable to garner long-term search engine success.

4. Content Marketing Can Make You a Hero

If you have ever given anyone advice and they thanked you for it then you can multiply the good feeling that gave you by putting your best information online, on your website, and as a guest blogger for others. These articles and posts will bring you an awful lot of credibility when you suggest products or services to others. It also brings traffic back to your site as people want to know more about someone who offers good advice.

5. Quality Content Marketing Gets Your Visitors in the Buying Mood

Making money online by distributing information, products, or services is usually done by stepping into the conversation going on in a prospect’s mind while they are searching for the best solution to their problem. If you can gain the top of mind awareness then you can make the sale. Your content should discuss the various problems your prospect may be having, and the solution that your product offers without pushing it, and establish you as the expert for providing information about the situation. This is often called pre-selling and gets your prospect in the right mindset to purchase a product from you if you have the right call to action.

Article marketing, content marketing, SEO article writing, bum marketing, or whatever you want to call it remains the most viable way of introducing your product, service, or information to the world and if done right can make you a lot of money. Take a look at the resource box below for more free information on how to turn your articles into a Profitable Writing System.

6. Long-term free marketing

When you write and submit an article to a major directory, it is going to be there for a long time. In fact, with the incredible online archiving tools around today, chances are quite good that your article will be there forever. Before you think of article marketing as a beginner marketing method, keep in mind that it has some of the best long-term potentials of any online marketing strategy.

 7. It is ultra-low maintenance.

Set it and forget it. Once you have written and submitted your articles, there really is not much more to do but sit back and watch the traffic come in. Of course, if you are the type of marketer that has built a network of articles, you will no doubt be working even more while the traffic comes in. Either way, articles require absolutely no maintenance to continue bringing in traffic, which certainly places them above PPC advertising and active SEO when it comes to traffic simplicity.

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