When choosing women’s athletic clothing, do you choose fancy labels or trendy fashion? Well, I guess you’ve been getting it all wrong here, as the best workout clothing is based on quality and comfort. Carefully designed to make working out as comfortable as possible, this clothing is worth every workout session. 


You can stay comfortable and cool while exercising with the right athletic clothing. After a long workout, you’ll feel tired, have joint pains, be really exhausted, and be covered with too much sweat. But do you know that the cloth you put on during this period can greatly impact how you feel after the exercise? Well, that’s true; certain factors can even affect the comfort of your workout clothes. These include; the materials they are designed from and the type of exercise you’re using them for. 

  • Based on fabric

Some fabrics are made to pull sweat out of your skin during exercise, while others tend to absorb it. But, regarding women’s athletic clothing, some fabrics are better than others. 

  • Go for fabrics with good wicking: There are numerous synthetic fabrics capable of wicking away sweat from your skin. This act helps the sweat evaporate fast and keeps your body cool and refreshed; examples of these types of clothing include those designed from polypropylene. They are a perfect choice for exercise and different activities you’re most likely to sweat. This is because they let the sweat evaporate from the skin without soaking the clothing or leaving you all sweaty and uncomfortable. 
  • Avoid cotton: Shirts and pants designed from cotton tend to absorb sweat and don’t pull it away from the skin or assist in fast evaporation. This is why cotton athletic clothing often feels heavy and wet when you work out.
  • You need breathable fabrics: Never opt for any clothing designed from rubber-based or plastic-based materials. This is because these materials keep sweat from evaporating, which results in an increased body temperature during workout sessions. 
  • Based on weather

Note that; just as we change the type of clothing we wear every season, you should also do for athletic clothing. Whether you exercise outdoors or play seasonal sports, you should have this in mind. Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing for an outdoor exercise session.

  • For cold weather: When it’s very cold and almost freezing outside, you’ll have to dress warmly. But, also remember that in the course of your exercise, there’ll be a boost in your heart rate and body temperature. With this in mind, always dress in easily removable layers, with sweat-wicking clothing at the inner layer and an insulating layer on top. Always cover your head, ears, and hands to keep them from getting cold.
  • For hot weather: When summer sets in, select fabrics that let your skin breathe and efficiently wick away sweat. Use clothes that are cool and let you remove them with ease and comfort.
  • For wet or windy weather: You don’t get the vibe of an outdoor workout when soaked in the rain or caught up in a heavy wind. Try to put on outer layers protecting all of these.

To ensure your workout clothes perfectly matches your body and the type of workout you choose to use them for, consider these additional tips;

  • Always wear clothes that aren’t tight and very comfortable. But if you plan on jogging or biking, do not go for wide-leg or loose pants that may get tangled or stuck in the pedals or your feet.
  • Going for yoga or Pilates? Our yoga pants for women and other stretchy-fitted fabrics capable of wicking away sweat are perfect.

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