Kitchen Remodelling: Styles and Themes to Check Out

Kitchen Remodelling

There are a lot of things that can be altered when designing a new kitchen. The first step in renovating your kitchen is to choose a design aesthetic or theme and a suitable kitchen countertop. Kinvario Kitchens provides no-obligation cost estimates to aid in your decision-making process. You can count on kitchen contractors Benoni  to take meticulous notes and precise measurements of your residential and commercial spaces.

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Choosing the Kitchen Countertops

Because of their lasting impact on the kitchen’s aesthetic, countertop selection is a major undertaking. The most common kinds of kitchen cabinet countertops are:


These counters are the epitome of sophistication, elegance, and modern minimalism. Since they are resistant to high temperatures, they are a great choice for avid cooks. Quartz, engineered stone, slate, engineered granite, soapstone, limestone, marble, and granite are some of the most common options here. Read also about: kitchen renovation company in dubai


Laminate counters are an ideal option for those on a tight budget who still want to modernise their kitchen. This is a great option, and one of the most affordable ones available. In addition to looking great in a variety of colours and patterns, they require almost no upkeep.


These are cutting-edge countertops. They’re stunning, and they go well with a variety of kitchen cabinet styles. If you opt for wooden counters, be aware that they will require regular oiling and sealing to keep them in good condition.

Picking a Kitchen Theme

Traditional kitchens: Such kitchens are both timelessly elegant and advanced. The best part is that the look won’t go out of style any time soon since wooden cabinets are the norm for a traditional kitchen. In such a familiar setting, one truly experiences the warmth of being at home. This design is one of the oldest and most tried-and-true formats available today. Such a design is foolproof and will always yield praise.

Modern kitchens: You can recognise one of our ultra-modern kitchens by its sleek, shiny design and latest appliances. The design aesthetic of today’s modern kitchens is focused on making efficient use of space. It’s built to accommodate contemporary lifestyles in every way.

Contemporary kitchens: In these kitchens, you can find both counters and BICs. Typically, kitchens are intended to be as unassuming and free of fuss as possible. If you want a kitchen that looks neat and organised, this is the one to choose. These state-of-the-art kitchens typically feature integrated appliances.

Rustic kitchens: Modern in style, but with a look of wear and tear that comes from regular use, this is how rustic kitchens look. A common trend in this design is to use wooden cabinets and countertops with a distressed or antiqued finish. This style will give your kitchen a unique appearance.

Farmhouse kitchens: All-natural ingredients are used in these kitchens. The fittings are understated rather than flashy. A home with such a kitchen has the warmest, most welcoming atmosphere. Typically, these kitchens have countertops made out of butcher blocks.

Industrial kitchens: Most of the design of these kitchens is on full display. Their apparent simplicity is matched by their practicality. The majority of the materials used in their construction are steel. You’ll find that they’re remarkably functional and refreshingly free of unnecessary fluff.

About Kinvario

At Kinvario, we provide service to each and every one of South Africa’s suburbs in addition to the surrounding areas. We think a completely redesigned kitchen doesn’t have to send you in debt. Our guarantee is to provide the highest quality cabinets on the market, emphasising creative, unique designs. If you’re looking for the best kitchen companies in Benoni, look no further than us.

Our Benoni kitchen cabinet designers can provide you a free evaluation and estimate. The experts will take into account your unique needs and the size and shape of the kitchen when providing advice.

You should get in touch with us right away if you want a reasonable quote for your upcoming kitchen cupboards Benoni renovation project.

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