Being a Firefighter: What Is It Really Like?

Being a Firefighter

Being a firefighter ranks as one of the top childhood dream jobs among Americans. It is particularly popular among boys, where it ranks in the 10th position on the list of dream jobs.

If you are considering becoming a firefighter, then you will be pursuing an exciting, diverse, and rewarding career. In this blog post, we will highlight everything you need to know about firefighter careers and what you should expect.

Let’s get started with this guide to being a firefighter.

What Does a Firefighter Do?

While the name certainly gives the responsibilities of a firefighter away, we can break down the duties into four primary categories. These are:

  • Putting out fires
  • Rescuing and caring for the sick and injured
  • Preventing fires
  • Investigating the sources of fires

At the scene of a fire, firefighters will have a range of different responsibilities. These include hose operators, tillers (who guide aerial ladders), and those who are responsible for entering burning buildings.

Bravery is a key trait among firefighters, given that they go to a scene with so many unknowns. For example, they do not know what is on fire, the exact layout of the building on fire, who is in the building, and a host of other unknowns that make the job incredibly tricky.

Teamwork and communication are other essential traits among firefighters. That’s why firefighters make use of portable firefighter radios in the course of their work. Click here to find a bkr5000 portable radio.

Should You Become a Firefighter?

It’s important to make the distinction between “should” and “want” here, as just because someone may want to become a firefighter, it doesn’t automatically mean that they should.

Before making the decision to become a firefighter, it’s necessary to ask yourself if you are naturally suited for the job. Do you have, for example, the composure to deal with extreme physical, mental, and psychological conditions?

How do you handle stressful situations? Are you able to think and react in life-and-death situations? Are you a team player who is able to work with others?

Another important consideration is the work-life balance. Firefighters often work long shifts where they are on duty at the station, ready in case of a fire. Outside of that, you must be in excellent physical shape given the demands of the job.

If all of this sounds good to you, you may be suited for an exciting career as a firefighter.

What Is It Really Like Being a Firefighter?

Being a firefighter is all about helping others. If you are passionate about this and being a positive presence in your community, and are well able to handle the pressures of the job, then becoming a firefighter is a great option for you. 

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