It is often challenging to juggle walking two dogs at a time. When one turns in the opposite direction, the other may want to follow suit. Within a few minutes of walking, their leash gets all tangled up, leaving you frustrated and angry, so is using a double leash good? Well, yes, it is. 

With a double dog leash, you’ll get to walk your two dogs without getting the leash all tangled up. It also helps you comply with the law in some places, making sure your dogs are always placed on leashes whenever you go on a stroll. So, you’ve decided to purchase a double dog leash but don’t know how to go about it. We’ve put together tips that’ll assist you in doing so. 


double dog leash, as the name implies, is an essential piece that ensures the safety of both your dogs and you. It saves you the stress of constant back-and-forth movement. Instead, you’ll have total control over your two dogs simultaneously. Getting the best double dog leash for your dog requires some considerations. It would help if you always considered the followings;


While purchasing a double dog leash, you’ll need to consider the material used, as durability is essential. Note that when looking for a double dog leash, they always come in either rope or webbing; and are composed of polyester nylon. These choices are acceptable, but always ensure you pick something that feels solid and quality and isn’t easily spoiled. Ensure the stitching and connection points are well-made, as they are vital to a leash’s strength.


Considering the length of the leash is also essential, but it’s placed as a personal preference. However, you’re advised to consider your dog’s size and style of walking when choosing the approach leash length. When unsure about the distance that’ll work well for you, you can go for a Leash whose lengths can easily adjust.


Most quality leashes consist of bungee parts that give them good flexibility. These types of leashes are designed for active settings like hiking. The elasticity provides both you and your dog the flexibility needed while walking. The bungee cord gives your dog more space and freedom to move around. With all these fantastic features, some dog owners still find this helpful, while some find it annoying. 

So, you must always consider your preference before purchasing a leash.

  • Additional features

Most leashes provide various helpful extra features (padded handles are a part of such). Extra padding makes the stroll comfortable, especially since it’s double-leashed for two dogs. An additional feature is an extra feature for leases. It might be a belt to be worn around the waist, making extended walks a bit more comfortable, or you’ll be able to get a personalized dog leash. However, you should switch back to the standard leash when you want to take control.
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