Shopify Plus Benefits For Businesses: Who Should Use Shopify Plus?


Are you currently using the basic Shopify plan for your e-commerce store? If yes, you started with the right strategy. But as time passes and your store starts growing and expanding, you might have issues using this basic plan. Here’s where the need to upgrade to a higher plan, such as Shopify Plus, comes into the scene. Here’s a quick question, who should use Shopify Plus?

As you continue reading this post, you’ll discover the answer to this question. You’ll also learn why trusting Flatline Agency for your Shopify Plus upgrade is worthwhile.

How exactly does Shopify Plus work?

Shopify Plus, launched in 2014, is a fully hosted enterprise e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes, especially high-growth brands. Shopify Plus features more advanced features and functionality than the basic Shopify plan. This explains why it’s highly recommended for big enterprise-level firms.

One good thing about Shopify Plus is that, in addition to the fundamental features of basic Shopify, it enables its users to achieve more with their e-commerce stores. With its advanced features and functionality, it becomes easy and quick for you to scale your store and move to the next level. 

But who should use Shopify Plus?

Here’s how to know who should use Shopify Plus

  1. Are you looking for an omnichannel eCommerce experience?

Omnichannel commerce is a sales approach that uses several channels to provide customers with a unified purchasing experience.

Today, having a solid omnichannel eCommerce strategy is essential for every high-growth brand. This approach allows you to deliver consistent brand messages to your customers. It also allows your brand to understand your customer’s journey better.

By understanding your customer’s journey, you’ll be able to provide them with a customized experience. Overall, this approach will undoubtedly help you make more sales than before.

So, let’s go back to the question – “who should use Shopify Plus“? Answer: you should go for Shopify Plus if you’re interested in delivering your customers an omnichannel eCommerce experience.

Shopify Plus is a SaaS solution that offers omnichannel eCommerce. This omnichannel eCommerce solution will provide you with a highly responsive online store. In addition, you’ll also get to integrate your Shopify Plus store with Omnisend, Klaviyo, and many other marketing automation apps. This will enable you to customize and create personalized customer experiences necessary to grow your business.

  1. Are you interested in owning a D2C eCommerce business?

Who should use Shopify Plus? Another answer to this question is that you should consider this platform if you want to own a D2C eCommerce business.

Direct-to-consumer eCommerce is an eCommerce sales approach that allows manufacturers to sell their products directly to customers without the help of retail stores. Shopify Plus is arguably the best platform for this eCommerce model.

Many people are currently choosing Shopify Plus over WooCommerce and Magento 2 because of the goodies that come with it. For instance, one of the 5 reasons why Shopify Plus is better than Magento 2 for D2C e-commerce businesses is that it doesn’t come with hidden costs. As you pay for the plan, you start using your D2C eCommerce store without worrying about hosting, licensing, and other hidden cost issues.

  1. Are you interested in scaling your business?

Who should use Shopify Plus? You should use this fully hosted enterprise e-commerce platform to scale your business. You may have been using the basic Shopify plan for some years now. After checking your revenue, you realize you’ve started making roughly $1 million annually. In this case, consider scaling your business by upgrading to Shopify Plus. This platform is designed to help you scale your business quickly so that you can meet more orders from your customers.

  1. Are you looking to target a global market?

You should consider using Shopify Plus if you have plans to target the global market. Shopify Plus will provide you with the necessary tools to reach more customers globally. Interestingly, you won’t have to pay any hidden fees to start enjoying this offering. You’ll create and customize up to nine clone eCommerce stores with different languages and currencies. This makes it easy for you to target more customers from other countries worldwide.

Why choose Flatline Agency for your Shopify Plus needs

If you’re ready to upgrade, Flatline Agency is one reliable firm you can employ to help you migrate easily to Shopify Plus. This firm is a proud partner of Shopify Plus and a few top eCommerce platforms.

  • We’ll help you build an entire omnichannel Shopify Plus eCommerce store.
  • In addition, you can rely on Flatline Agency to accelerate your brand’s growth.

You can speak to our representative to learn more about the answers to the burning question; “who should use Shopify Plus?”

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