How to Put on an Art Show

Art Show

If you’re an artist, you may be familiar with and struggle with the art of promotion. You wouldn’t be alone either – artists often hate marketing themselves because of how awkward and aggressive they can come across. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. A self-organized art exhibit can be a great way to increase your profile and potentially make some sales.  

But if the idea of putting on an art show intimidates you, keep reading – our guide will make it seem easy.

Planning Your Art Exhibit

What is your idea? If you want to curate an art show, it helps to have one cohesive theme. 

This means your art event may feature only one artist or a variety of artists. If you want to split the costs of your art exhibition, inviting other artists can help reduce your own expenses.

Either way, look for a prominent theme to tie things together. 

Plan to spend a few months looking for pieces to exhibit. Since you’re looking for a common theme, not necessarily a common medium, you can mix and match different mediums. 

Once you have determined how many and what pieces of art will be displayed, you have to figure out how to display them. For mediums such as photography and painting, you can use box frames to give your displayed artwork a museum-quality look. Custom box frames will both protect displayed art as well as make it pop and stand out.

Plan to hold your exhibit at least 2-3 months after you begin planning. Aim for a weekend or holiday when most people will be off of work. As for venues, it’s possible to rent existing art gallery space. However, these can be expensive and may not always be available in your area. Consider alternative spaces instead. Your ideal location should be both affordable and accessible to many people. 

Promoting and Installing Your Show

Planning ahead will also give you time to promote your show. Start by promoting it amongst your own followers. Ask other artists to promote it too. 

You can use social media to promote the show too. Make sure you have high-quality images to showcase the art. 

You can also write a press release for your exhibit. Reach out to local journalists and news to help promote your show.

When installing the show, think about where each piece should go. Allow for plenty of room for visitors to maneuver in and out of the show. Don’t forget the technical requirements as well, such as lighting requirements, power outlets, and screens. 

If any art is going to be displayed outside, consider how the weather may impact it. 

During the actual show, take the time to talk to your visitors. You should be friendly but always professional.

Ready to Put on an Art Show?

Curating an art show can be a daunting experience, but if you follow this guide, the process will be a lot less daunting. Give yourself plenty of time to plan and promote your show, curate pieces with a common theme, and find a suitable venue. Even a small art show will take a lot of work.

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