4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


Did you know that more than 4.9 million Americans file workers’ compensation claims each year? Workers’ compensation claims are typically due to slip and fall accidents or another worker’s unsafe actions.

If you’ve been injured on the job and wondering if you need to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer, it’s best to learn more about how they can help you. Workplace injuries can be life-changing, and you’ll need to ensure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Keep reading this guide to learn four reasons you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

1. Protects Your Rights

Workers’ compensation law is complicated and difficult for most people to understand. Insurance companies can deny your claim when you’re entitled to receive benefits. Many people also receive fewer benefits than they should.

A workers’ comp lawyer understands the laws and can fight to get you the compensation you deserve. They’ll also make sure that you thoroughly understand your legal rights.

2. Prevents Retaliation From Your Employer

Sometimes, workplaces can retaliate against you if you’re injured on the job and file a claim. This can include actions like:

  • Firing
  • Laying off
  • Demoting
  • Blackmailing
  • Intimidation
  • Making threats
  • Cutting hours and wages
  • Passing you over for a promotion
  • Any unwarranted disciplinary actions

If you file a claim and your employer suddenly starts treating you differently, then the burden is on you to prove this. In addition, most states have laws against workers’ compensation retaliation.

Hiring an attorney will protect your rights, help you prove the retaliation, and guide you on how to proceed with your employer.

3. Helps With Case Evaluation

It can be challenging to determine how much your workers’ compensation case is worth. For example, if you sustain a severe injury, you might not be thinking of the long-term effects. You might not be able to work for an extended time, and you also may not be able to return to the same job.

You also have to consider the cost of medical treatments, therapies, and medications. 

An attorney can sit down with you and determine how much your case is worth. They’ll also deal with the insurance company during the settlement process.

4. Helps With Denials and Other Challenges

Unfortunately, filing a workers’ compensation claim isn’t usually an easy process. Many people experience challenges like insurance companies refusing to pay. Some insurance companies will even accuse you of causing your own injury due to horseplay in the workplace. 

Other times insurance companies will dispute whether your injury is work-related or say it doesn’t meet specific state guidelines.

You should receive a letter that explains why your claim was denied. Although sometimes it’s something simple like missing paperwork, you’ll usually have to file an appeal. Hiring a lawyer will help ensure that you’ve filed the appeal correctly and presented enough evidence. 

If you’re looking for an attorney for your case, you can check out this workers compensation lawyer to get more information.

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Don’t hesitate to speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer if you’ve had a workplace injury. Most of the time, lawyers will offer a free consultation.

Once they review your case, they’ll advise you on how to proceed. Remember, your job is your livelihood, and hiring an attorney is well worth your time.

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