How to Choose the Best Frame for Your Artwork

Best Frame

Did you know that 55 percent of all crafters in the United States of America use their painting or drawing skills to create home artwork? Creating a masterpiece is a process that takes time and dedication, but it’s important to make sure that you’re putting the best frame around your work once the masterpiece is completed.

You’ll need to put a lot of thought into your new frame if you want to make sure that your work stands out. Things like the frame color and frame material make a huge difference to the appearance of your work of art.

The good news is that you’ve found the right place to learn more about how to buy a frame for your art. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips today!

Choose a Similar Color

One of the best things that you can do when you set out to buy a frame for some of your home artwork is to find a frame color that matches a prominent color in the piece. It’s up to you to determine which color you wish to go with, though you shouldn’t base your decision on the prominence of that color in the artwork.

It’s also possible to use the frame color as a way to add some effects to the look of your art. If the piece is in black and white then you can use a frame color like gold to make the work of art pop even more.

Choose a Frame Material

The two most common options you’ll find when shopping for the best frame are wood and metal frames. It’s important to consider the genre of your works to make sure that you’re getting a frame that matches the art’s energy.

Modern black-and-white art pieces look best with minimalistic frames in black or silver. Wooden frames are a great option if you’re set on that traditional, old-school look. If you’re painting or capturing classic photographs then a wood frame is your best bet. Take some time to find a custom art framing company near you to work with.

Think About Wall Space

You need to make sure that your home or office has ample wall space to incorporate the frame’s shape and size before you make a move to purchase anything for your home artwork. Another thing that you shouldn’t overlook is the ways in which the new frame and piece will clash with the existing decorations and artwork. Make sure that there’s no clash prior to buying a new frame

Find the Best Frame for Your Masterpiece

Shopping for the best frame for your home artwork isn’t always easy, but knowing the different options for frame color and frame material will make the shopping experience quick and simple. Make sure that there is space on your wall for a new frame, and choose a prominent color in the piece before you buy a frame.

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