A Comprehensive Review of the Latest Fitbit Model


Globally, the fitness tracker market is worth a staggering $38.34 billion, with Google Inc. remaining at the forefront of sales. 

These high-end smartwatches boast many features attractive to the growing numbers of people putting their health first. If you’re one of these fitness fanatics, you’re likely wondering about the latest innovations from this tech giant.

This year, Google released not only one Fitbit model, but three new versions of the Sense, Versa, and Inspire models. Keep reading for an overview and comparison of Fitbit models for 2022. 

Versa 3

If you’re happy with the capabilities of your current Fitbit, it makes sense to stick to that model when you upgrade. Are you unsure about which one of the old Fitbit models you own? Read more about the steps to find out.  

The Versa is one of the all-time most popular of all Fitbit Models, offering a fantastic variety of features. It’s a great-looking device offering lightweight comfort.

The new Versa 3 continues this tendency toward excellence, thanks to the following features:

  • Smartphone notification capabilities
  • Contactless payment facilities
  • Music controls
  • Blood oxygen saturation meter
  • Sleep tracker
  • Guidance for breathing exercises
  • Ability to track dozens of workout types
  • Reliable GPS
  • Bright, clear 1.58″ AMOLED display

The Versa 3 isn’t as great at holding its charge as other Fitbit models, and the side button is a little oversensitive. Yet, it does integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant

The New Fitbit Sense Model

This premium Fitbit is excellent for those who want a large display, excellent sleep tracking, comfortable wear, and health monitoring. It features the same sleek design as the popular Versa. 

The Sense has the following stand-out features:

  • Stress detection
  • Detailed stress and mood logging
  • Onboard GPS
  • Many activity-tracking options
  • Shortcuts to favorite workouts

    Unfortunately, the step count function on this device isn’t 100% accurate. It sometimes counts steps even though you’ve logged your activity as cycling. 

    Fitbit Inspire

    The Fitbit Inspire is for serious fitness fanatics who want to read and analyze detailed metrics. It also delivers great value for money along with a comfortable fit.

    Although the screen is a little smaller than usual, this fit bit makes up for it with a ten-day battery life and the following handy features:

    • Heart rate and activity tracker
    • Bright AMOLED display
    • 24/7 heart and sleep data
    • Activity reminders
    • Guided breathing feature
    • Monitoring of blood-oxygen levels 

    The new design has a longer, wider main unit and a better-fitting silicon band, too. The Daily Readiness and Stress Management analysis is an excellent way to ensure your mental health stays on par with your fitness. 

    Get Healthy and Stay That Way

    Investing in a Fitbit model can motivate you to embark on a healthy fitness routine and stick to it. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep tabs on your health, plan your workouts, and protect yourself from mounting stress.

    To make the most of your Fitbit, you should connect it to your phone as soon as possible if you want to access advanced reporting and notifications. 

    If you’re keen to discover more of the latest news about gadgets, fitness, and more, keep browsing our blog.

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