5 Signs You Need a Heater Repair

<strong>5 Signs You Need a Heater Repair</strong>

Are you considering whether or not you need a heater repair? If you notice certain signs that something is wrong, now is the time to make that call. Don’t be negligent and wait for something serious to happen to you or your family.

The truth of the matter is that heaters go bad every winter. There are so many moving parts that something is bound to break. The question is, how do you know when it’s time to call?

Below are some of the signs that you need a heater repair:

1. Blowing Cold Air

Cold air could mean there is a lack of airflow that could be a result of a malfunction in the blower motor or the belt that drives it. It could also mean there is a blockage in the heater’s ductwork or that worn-out filters need a renewal. It might even be possible that the thermostat isn’t functioning properly.

Ignoring cold air from the heater could lead to larger and costlier problems. Get the issue resolved right away to ensure you stay comfortable in your home.

2. Unusual Noises

If you hear a loud bang, thump, or grinding noise when your heater turns on, this can indicate that something is out of alignment. If you hear excessive or high-pitched noise, this can mean that your heater’s blower fan motor or belt may need replacement. If there is a high-pitched squealing noise, this may mean that the bearings in the fan motor are damaged.

Likewise, rattling noises can be a sign that the blower fan blade needs to be realigned. In addition, popping noises may mean that your heat exchanger has developed some cracks. If you notice any of these unusual noises coming from your heater, make sure to contact an HVAC company for repairs.

3. Strange Smells

It may be time for a heater repair if you start to notice strange smells coming from your heater. Different odors can indicate different heating issues.

For example, a burning smell might signal a short circuit, usually caused by a damaged part. If your heater has been running oddly, it’s a good idea to bring in a technician to take a look. A musty smell could mean there’s mold or bacterial growth due to stuck moisture, or a gas smell could indicate a gas leak.

4. Heater Cycling On and Off

The cycling and shutting off can be caused by an obstruction in the intake line or a clogged air filter. Check the filter first to see if it needs cleaning or replacement. If it does, then cycling should stop. Otherwise, contact a professional to have your heater examined. 

5. Skyrocketing Electric Bill

No one wants their electric bill to be unexpectedly high! If you’ve recently opened up your mail and seen an astronomical bill for energy usage, it could be a sign that your heater has been compromised and needs a repair service.

A faulty heater can send your electric bill skyrocketing, so don’t put off the repair. Get your heater checked out and save money in the long run!

Identifying the Signs of Heater Repair

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is time for a heater repair from a professional. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen and leave your family or employees exposed to cold temperatures. Call a heating professional today to ensure a comfortable living area.

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