How to Renovate Kitchen Tiles Using Elegant Backsplash Tile Design

Kitchen backsplash tiles

A kitchen is the heart of any home, as it gives the household a sense of focus and direction. It is more or less like a social hub for the entire family. 

The appearance of a kitchen points at the cooking area, the storage area, and of course the washing area. A measure of space called the backsplash binds these areas together and also contributes to the look of the kitchen.

A backsplash is the surface that fills the space between kitchen walls, and cabinets, and also spans the length of the countertop. The kitchen backsplash can protect the wall from stains, smoke, and heavy grease. Also, it gives an elegant look to your cooking space especially when you use the appropriate backsplash tile.

The design of a tile backsplash determines the appearance and suitability of a kitchen. If you want to renovate and change the look of your cooking space, a tiled kitchen backsplash can give you the aesthetics you desire. 

Most times, backsplashes are found in the busiest area of the kitchen, easing the fear of wall build-ups and standing as a protective barrier. Your kitchen remodel can be a little bumpy. However, careful planning and a creative design process can give you a functional kitchen with stylish wall tile.

How to Improve Your Kitchen Look with Tile Backsplash?

When choosing a kitchen design, it is important to consider lighting, durability, use of space, and style. A tiled kitchen backsplash is one of the easiest and best ways to improve general appearance.

  1. Budget Matters

Money at hand plays an essential role when designing a kitchen with tile backsplash. It is better to plan renovation according to budget to avoid getting stuck or even purchasing substandard tiles for the kitchen. 

Budgets make it easier for interior designers to choose materials for the backsplash tile. For instance, marble tiles are costlier than ceramic tiles.

  1. Consider Pattern of Tiles

The different patterns of backsplash tiles add a sleek and modern look to a kitchen. It increases the warmth of your cooking space. For example, neutral patterns of cool shades add a homely and natural feel to the kitchen.

  1. Choose the Right Material

Backsplash tiles come in different materials. Your kitchen can look more elegant when you choose a material that suits your style. Kitchen backsplash tiles can be made of ceramic, glass, stone or marble, wood, glass, and other materials. Glass tiles add flair, and ceramic tiles are much easier to clean. 

  1. Flooring Determines Backsplash Design

The flooring of the kitchen most times determines the design of the tile backsplash. Sometimes, if the floor has a vibrant pattern, the backsplash is better with a cooler and neutral tone. Hence, it is important to consider the kitchen flooring firsthand.

  1. Consider the Cabinet Design

The cabinet is one kitchen element that dominates space, and it is necessary to choose a backsplash tile design based on the cabinet. Considering the length and space of the cabinet, interior designers can determine where the backsplash starts and ends.

  1. Focus on Cooking Area

The cooking area is an important zone to note when choosing a backsplash for the kitchen. It is the most exposed area to the risk of stains, build-ups, and heat. Elegant, easy-to-clean, and heat-resistant tiles are best used for this zone.

What Types of Kitchen Backsplash Materials are the Best?

Kitchen backsplash tiles come in a variety of materials. Selecting the ideal one for your needs and aesthetic preferences can improve the elegance of your cooking space. The different backsplash time materials include:-

  • Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic kitchen tiles are one of the most used and are also very easy to clean. They last longer and are easily fixed into the cooking space.

  • Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are also called stone tiles. They speak elegance and give a flair to the kitchen. However, they are a bit pricey. 

  • Wood

Wooden tiles are also widely used. Interior designers use natural wood to make workable backsplashes that give a rustic atmosphere to the kitchen.

  • Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can add so much elegance to the kitchen. They are easy to clean and install, although they are more expensive than ceramic backsplash tiles.

  • Brick Tiles

If you are looking to have a warm, natural feel cooking space, brick tiles are one of the best kitchen backsplash options. Instead of the original bricks, designers now use artificial brick tiles that are easier to maintain and install.

  • Others

Other materials that can be used for backsplash tiles include mirrors, metals, steel, and even wallpapers. 

Why You Should Use Tile Backsplash for Your Kitchen?

A kitchen is a place where one spends more time when at home. Backsplash tiles add more use and style to the cooking space. Find out why you should use a backsplash for the kitchen. 

  1.  Drastically Changes Kitchen Theme

Even without changing the color of the walls or replacing the cabinets, using the perfect backsplash tile can improve the appearance and theme of your kitchen.

  1.  Perfectly Hides Imperfections and Wall Damages

In cases of distorted countertops and wall blemishes, a backsplash tile can hide and damage, giving the kitchen an elegant look.

  1.  Makes Cleaning Easier

Tiled kitchen backsplashes are easier to clean compared to bare walls. One can clean up stains in seconds without going through stress.

  1.  Enhances Durability

The kitchen experiences wear and tear every other day as a result of continuous usage. Buildups can be seen in cooking areas, and water damage can occur behind the sink. A well-installed kitchen backsplash tile can save the structure and add strength to these areas.

  1.  Increases Lighting and Brightness

A light-colored backsplash tile can lighten up a kitchen that lacks adequate brightness. Backsplash tile colors like white, ivory, and cream give adequate tone and lighten up dark places in the kitchen.


Kitchen tiles are beautiful, especially when you choose the perfect design that suits your style and purpose. Whether an old kitchen or modernly built, backsplash tiles can boost the aesthetic and general standard of your space.

Backsplash tiles should be present in every kitchen, as it enhances function, durability, and the entire appearance of cooking space. 

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