An expert’s guide to the color combinations for lederhosen men

<strong>An expert’s guide to the color combinations for lederhosen men</strong>

Are you buying your first-ever lederhosen men for the upcoming Oktoberfest, and are confused and stressed about the right kind of shades to pair up with this German outfit? Then look no further. We are here to help you pick and combine the best and trendy colors with this outfit so you can grab all the spotlight during the festive season. 

This blog is a concise guide to all the shades you can wear with the lederhosen outfit so read it till the end to not miss out on any color. 

Colors With Lederhosen Men Outfit

The lederhosen is typically available in different shades of brown including ash wood, tobacco brown, Mocca, classic, dark caramel and camel, shaded wild brown, deep greenish, and rusty brown. 

Although monotony is typically associated with the color brown, this is far from the reality. Brown could become your preferred go-to appearance if you know how to match the brown lederhosen men‘s clothing with the right tones and accessories. 

When worn with many other hues, your ensemble will seem pleasantly stylish, making it a great substitute for the perennial favorite, black.

Like other colors, brown can be pale or highly saturated. When discussing different kinds of hues, it is typically crucial to match the level of pastel lederhosen to the whole outfit in general for the perfect festive look. 

Brown can be complemented with warmer hues like beige, cream, sepia, and red. Brown can also be complemented with ample greens like forest green and warm reds like scarlet red.

Brown and black go well together in every situation. The two neutrals work well together to create a professional appearance. Military green is a color that goes well with almost anything and functions as a neutral. 

Nevertheless, the brown lederhosen will make it look absolutely stunning at the next Oktoberfest. It is one of the most attractive color combinations for the outfit, especially if you have a deep greenish kind of lederhosen. 

Best Shades for Shirts Of German Lederhosen Outfit

It is difficult to take your eyes off of the lederhosen, but it is noteworthy that the shirt you will choose to pair up with will steal the show effortlessly. All you have to do is select the right color and patterns for the shirts, throw it on, and you’ll be ready to slay at Oktoberfest. 

Floral Prints

This might seem like a not-so-quintessential choice and totally over the top, but we swear by the floral designs. Some people might even call you out for wearing a feminine print as a guy, and especially with a sturdy outfit like the German lederhosen outfit. 

However, if you give it a shot, you will not regret it. The floral patterns give out a confident, cold, and independent vibe to the guys. 

It will be a perfect fusion of contemporary styles with a classic German dress and you will look exceptional at the festival if you opt for this design. 

Plaid And Big Checks For Lederhosen Men

Checks are always in style in some way. But this year, the windowpane, buffalo, and Black Watch tartan are the ones to keep an eye on during the fall months. 

One of the easiest ways to incorporate these patterns into your German lederhosen men‘s ensembles is using an overshirt or flannel shirt as a canvas. You can work your way up with this basic canvas and make countless variations for your outfit. 

Since lederhosen does not come in quirky patterns and is nice and simple, a hint of pattern using the flannel shirts or checks will give the whole outfit the right amount of oomph needed for looking exceptional at Oktoberfest. 

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Colors Of The Shirts

After deciding which patterns you want, you can move onto choosing the right kind of tones for the shirts. There are several options to combine with the brown tones of a lederhosen. Let’s take a look at them. 

A dark burgundy or wine-red shirt is one of the sexiest options for young men attending Oktoberfest. It will help you look smart, elegant, and poised all at the same time. So we suggest you invest in a nice red toned shirt along with the lederhosen. 

The second option we have is the classic black button down with a rustic brown outfit. It will not only accentuate your facial features, but perfectly complement the whole vibe. And one can never go wrong with black now, can they?

Last but not the least, a white button down shirt is the traditional option that originates from Germany and the native men typically combine this with their lederhosen because it brings all the attention to the whole outfit. 

The key to an exceptional lederhosen men‘s outfit is to buy a high-quality one with the best shade and length so that you can have a memorable festive season. Head over to Lederhosen Store US’s online store to avail affordable deals on the premium quality lederhosens. 

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