Is an electric violin good for beginner?

electric violin

Learning to play the violin can be a rewarding and enriching experience. It is important, however, to choose the right instrument for one’s skill level. For those just starting out, an electric violin may be the best option. An electric violin offers several advantages over traditional acoustic violins that make it ideal for beginners. This article will explore why an electric violin is a good choice for those just beginning their musical journey and provide tips for selecting one. 

Here are these things you should consider:


Electric violins are significantly smaller than their acoustic counterparts. This makes them easy to transport and play with while standing or sitting. It also means they’re more likely to fit into a student’s locker at school.


Electric violins are not as loud as acoustic models. This can be both a good and bad thing depending on your situation. For a younger student or someone who is just starting out, an electric violin may be perfect for practice or performing in small spaces.


The main advantage of an electric violin is the cost. Electric violins are significantly less expensive than their acoustic counterparts. In fact, most models sell for under $50, which makes them perfect for students just starting out. We recommend lumbuy to pick best violin for beginners.


Electric violins are often desired by those learning to play the violin due to their increased playability compared with traditional acoustic instruments. Playability is an important factor for anyone beginning to learn any instrument as it will affect how quickly and effectively, they can progress. The good news is that electric violins have been designed specifically with this in mind, offering an improved playing experience that makes learning the violin easier.

Ease of practice

The electric violin is becoming increasingly popular for beginner-level players due to the ease of practice it offers. Many first-time violists are drawn to the instrument because of its capacity for sound manipulation, which allows them to customize their music and practice more efficiently. The electric violin also has several features that make it easier to learn than a traditional acoustic violin.

For instance, electric violins typically have pickups that amplify the sound they produce, making it easier to hear mistakes or errors in technique so they can be corrected quickly. This eliminates the need for constant tuning and retuning, allowing students to spend more time practicing rather than adjusting the strings on their instruments. An added bonus of an electric violin is that some models come with built-in headphones or earplugs so students can enjoy their playing without disturbing those around them.

Difficulty of transitioning from an electric violin to an acoustic

The electric violin has been a popular instrument for musicians in the last few years, due to its flexibility and convenience. However, transitioning from an electric violin to an acoustic can be a difficult process that requires dedication and practice.

Acoustic violins require more strength and control when playing than electric models, as the sound of an acoustic violin is created by vibrating strings without the help of electronic amplification. This means new techniques must be mastered such as bow angle, left-hand pressure and bowing speed to get the most out of your playing. 

In addition, some notes on an acoustic violin have a different resonance than on their electric counterpart. As a result, players will need to adjust their finger placement when playing certain notes while using an acoustic instrument – something which may take time to master.


Electric violins are much easier to care for than acoustic models. They require no tuning and do not need to be restrung as they age. This makes them a great option for younger players who may not have the patience or skill level to maintain an acoustic instrument.

Final Words

In conclusion, the electric violin is a great instrument for beginner players. It has many advantages that make learning and playing easier, such as its ability to produce a variety of tones and its wide range of sound quality. Additionally, the electric violin is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for travel and practice. Furthermore, with the help of headphones or an amplifier, anyone can enjoy playing their electric violin without worrying about sound limitations.

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