How are Air Conditioners Recycled?

Air Conditioners Recycled

Feeling a little lost is acceptable since individuals don’t recycle their air conditioning units daily. It’s best to know how to recycle an air conditioner before getting a new one. You should also know where to take it for recycling and whether your new system’s installer would handle it.

If you don’t want to recycle the air conditioner yourself, you need to take it to a recycling facility or scrap yard. Select a scrap yard that will take care of the disassembling. To avoid disassembling the parts yourself or hiring someone to do it, find out if the service is offered.

First, you should take a few things to protect the environment before your air conditioner recycling equipment. As previously mentioned, many units include dangerous substances and parts that must be disposed of properly. Before starting the disposal process, remove the following parts from your air conditioner.

  • Remove Panels & Doors

Before recycling your air conditioner, remove any panels, doors, or covers. Small animals won’t be able to become stuck inside, thanks to this.

  • Refrigerant Removal from the Air Conditioner by a Professional

Contact a qualified HVAC specialist to drain the refrigerant or coolant from your broken air conditioner before recycling it. Without taking precautions, you can hire a rubbish removal agency to remove your air conditioner. Someone who is not a skilled professional shouldn’t remove it because there are rules for properly disposing of the materials.

  • Scrap or Junk Yards

Finding a nearby scrap yard ready to accept your unit and convert it to scrap metal would be one alternative. Even the extra metal you have lying about might be purchased by some yards.

  • Recycle the Tanks and Pipes Air Conditioner

Any tubes or pipes in your air conditioner should be recovered. These parts must be taken out of the system and recycled at a hazardous trash facility. Get in touch with your local government or visit their website for more information to identify the closest hazardous waste facility.

  • Transporting Your Old Air Conditioner Carefully to a Recycling Facility

It’s crucial to exercise caution when moving the appliance if you’re recycling your old air conditioner on your own. It would be best if you didn’t attempt to move the air conditioner yourself since it might be incredibly unsafe and result in damage. You also don’t want to break refrigerant tubes or lines because that could harm the environment.


You could get help getting rid of your air conditioner from a local sanitation or recycling company in addition to scrap yards. These businesses will handle the entire process, from draining the refrigerant to scrapping your air conditioner, as they frequently have their protocol for removing and disposing of your unit. They provide best copper or aluminium scrap price.

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