Real Estate Content Marketing: 5 Best Strategies to Get More Clients

Content marketing has brought about a new wave in the field of marketing. Several industries, including real estate, are making the best use of it. Predictions illustrate that the growth of digital marketing tools in the business sector will remain around 9% by 2026. Businesses have understood the value of digital marketing, and around 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing investments over the last year. Real estate developers, brokers, & business alike understand this importance and are on the front of taking advantage of it. Real estate companies are using digital marketing to improve their way of conducting business. However, there is much more to digital marketing than just building a website. You must experiment with real estate content ideas to engage with your audience. You should invest in running ads and creating content that will improve your real estate sales funnel.All real estate businesses need to have a robust real estate content marketing strategy in place to utilize their core strengths. In the real estate industry, you must invest in content marketing. Content marketing has evolved, and several businesses are making a lot of money using it. 

5 Content Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Business

Apart from the content for real estate websites, it is essential to plan content for all your channels, including social media handles. We will discuss a few content marketing strategies that will help you get more clients.

1.  Plan an Editorial Calendar

Having a content calendar is a vital part of content marketing strategy. You need to plan if you want your content to bear fruitful results. You can use excel or any content marketing calendar to plan the activities for the month. Firstly, decide on the content you want to post monthly to engage with your clients. Once you have decided on the type of content, you can start placing them on the calendar. You can have a fixed plan like posting static content on Monday, videos on Tuesdays, etc. if you follow a fixed pattern, it will make your page look planned. Also, your followers will look forward to your content every week when things go as per plan. 

2.  Develop High-Quality Content

The quality of the content is paramount. Once you write a copy for a post, proofread it multiple times. It would help if you also involved multiple stakeholders in reviewing the content before posting them. The real estate industry offers high-ticket products and services. Hence, your content should speak for the quality of listings and the service. Also, centre your content around solving the clients’ common problems.

3.  Have a Content Distribution Strategy

You might be using your website to circulate your content. There might be a great chance that your potential buyers do not know about your website. You cannot leave a section of your target market untapped. Therefore, you should have a content distribution strategy in place. You should experiment with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., and then stick with the platforms that work for your business. A content distribution strategy will help you reach out to broader demography; hence, your sales pipeline will improve considerably.

4.  Promote It on Social Media

Almost 55% of customers learn about new brands on social media daily, and almost 80% of business executives consider social media to be the most essential when it comes to marketing. If you want to engage with your clients regularly, tap into new markets. You need to be active on social media. Social media gives you a platform to interact with your customers directly. Also, these platforms are so flexible that you can post all kinds of content to improve audience engagement. The best part about using social media is that you get a chance to keep a tab on how your posts and content are performing. Using social media analytics, you get to know the loopholes so that you can fix them moving ahead. You will also get an idea of the content that is doing well. Therefore, you can invest more in that specific type.

5.  Publish at a Stable Frequency

You need to publish fresh content that engages with your audience. However, you can’t just post once and disappear for the rest of the month. You must have a stable publishing frequency to engage with your audience. Also, when you post regularly, it builds the trust of the potential buyer. They are convinced you are devoted to the business and here to stay. Hence, it builds credibility for your business. Try using a mix of visual and text content and keep posting regularly. 


Having a good content strategy is very important. It helps you in engaging with your potential customers. Also, you get to understand the kind of content your audience likes and is working for your business. Therefore, it gives you a window to be more experimental and customer centric. You can apply all the strategies listed above to get the best results.However, If you are new to all of this and are looking for a starting point, you must contact a real estate marketing agency to help you navigate the entire activity. A real estate marketing agency specializes in these services, and they hill you in curating a strategy that will work for your real estate company.

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