How to Choose the Right Shredding Company?

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Some businesses destroy the document independently because they might not trust the companies providing the services. This can cause issues, including inappropriate paper shredding, injured employees, and losing sensitive information. But others make the wise decision of selecting a professional shredding company.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Shredding Company

The businesses selected the shredding companies had first-hand experience of how they had chosen the services. They have pointed out certain points they considered before deciding among the multiple choices of companies they had.

Below are eight helpful hints for selecting the ideal paper shredding company.

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Know the Paper Sizes

Businesses should know the different paper sizes that their departments are using. The reason to know is that the shredding staff will ask for the size of the paper from the management. The paper shredding company will decide on machine usage after knowing the size. Often these companies will ask for samples as well for reference.

What is the Weight of the Paper Load?

The issue of load size is closely related to the usage of paper by the business. The shredding company will ask about the paper load because this determines what machine size should be used, how much time the shredder will take to complete the task, and how many rounds the machine will take to shred the whole batch.

Size and Type of Paper Cut

The simple documents can be put into a shredder that cuts the paper into narrow but vertical pieces. Some files have little to no importance and can be placed in machines creating macro cuts. But the confidential and classified papers are inserted into a shredding machine that will cut the documents into tiny pieces that will be unable to reveal the info in them.

What is the Speed of the Shredder?

The shredding businesses like Infosheild Security should have machines to cut the papers within minutes. Most modern shredders have a set runtime, allowing them to run continuously for up to a predetermined time. Shredders can last anywhere from two minutes to more than an hour. This time depends on the model and size of the shredder machine.

What is Done to Control the Noise?

Many think the shredders are silent because they might have watched videos. The reason for this reduced noise is that the sound is lowered, but shredders are naturally loud. Businesses should know what measures the industrial paper shredder company takes to reduce the noise.

Are These Shredders Safe to Use?

Sometimes the clients want to record the shredding process to ensure that the confidential documents were disposed of correctly. They have to stay close to the machinery for the recording. Businesses should ensure that the shredding staff is taking security measures for the client’s safety. The shredding company staff should instruct the clients to keep a safe distance from the machine and restrict the fingers to themselves.

What Other Materials the Shredding Machines can Handle?

The first shredding machine was created in 1935. This device destroyed material written against the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. The mechanism was identical to a pasta maker, which destroyed paper. But today, a shredding machine can waste more than paper. The other things disposed of by these machines include cardboard, credit cards, items made from plastic, rubber, textiles, paper clips, waste wood, and other organic materials.

What Kinds of Services are Offered?

The clients should confirm the services a commercial shredding company provides to make the right decision. The different services these companies offer include the following;

1.       On-site shredding.

2.       Off-site shredding service.

3.       One-time purge shredding.

4.       A regularly scheduled shredding.

5.       Document scanning.

Does the Confidential Shredding Company Know Rules and Regulations?

The clients need to know if the shredding company will provide a certificate to ensure that the documents are shredded properly and destroyed. A licensed company will give a certificate because the Federal Law of Privacy demands it.

These are some important points businesses should consider before selecting a shredding company.

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