Where To Sell My Gift Card For Naira?

Where To Sell My Gift Card For Naira

If you’re looking to sell your gift card in naira, you’ve come to the right place! We are the leading gift card buyer in Nigeria and have made it easy to sell gift cards, including those from Gc Buying and more. Get up to 80% of the face value of your gift cards – don’t let that cash go to waste! Read on to learn more about our services and how we can help you get fast cash on your unwanted gift card to naira.

Gc Buying

There are a few online stores that allow you to buy and sell your unwanted gift cards. The most popular is Gc Buying, which lets you list your card on the website, then others can purchase it. You get cash or Amazon credit when it sells. We also recommend Gc Buying, which will give you $10 in store credit for each one of your cards that’s accepted by the company. They have a lot more retailers than Raise does, but they take longer to process and usually have higher fees attached when you finally do sell your cards.


Have there ever been issues trying to exchange gift cards for money in Nigeria? Then you should visit this page. Prestmit offers one of the handful truly amazing gift card swapping businesses in the nation as compared to the rivals. If you’ve never used this platform, check out their website to learn why it’s the greatest place to sell gift cards in Nigeria as well as other digital assets like cryptocurrency.

Visit prestmit.com to get started, then create your account there using simply your email address and a special password. Don’t forget that your email address needs to be confirmed as well. After that is finished, you may begin swapping gift cards and watch for an update in a little while. Updates on transactions will also be sent to you via email and push alerts. It’s that easy! Along with receiving exclusive gift card prices, you can have peace of mind knowing that any transactions you do on the Presmit website are protected by cutting-edge security measures like 2FA. Additionally, customers who don’t like making purchases on websites might use their mobile app for Android or iOS.


The popularity of using gift cards has increased significantly in the past few years. Some people prefer using gift cards as a present for their friends and family. They usually prefer it because they know the recipient will like it and not need to spend time selecting their own gifts. People can also use them as incentives, promotions or bonuses in business settings. As an entrepreneur, you can capitalize on this demand by opening your own Coinlodge gift card to naira dealership! A Coinlodge dealership is a business where anyone with a gift card may trade it in at a specific rate of exchange. People who purchase gift cards expect certain privileges such as: convenience, flexibility, low fees and return options when they decide that they don’t want the item anymore after all.


One of the most popular gift card marketplaces in Nigeria allows you to buy and sell cards from anywhere in the world. Gift cards from international retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Sephora, and more are available on Patricia. On this site, gift cards are displayed in dollar amounts, but curiously, they only charge Nigerian customers an identical amount in naira for every purchase.

Also, using this site to redeem cards is really simple. Consider the fact that a code is instantly given to your email following every successful transaction. This code is used to access the value of the gift cards you have purchased. Also, a bitcoin exchange, Patricia. They enable you to purchase Bitcoin in Nigeria and aid in the storage of your Bitcoins in a wallet.

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