Why Do People Steal Number Plates?

Why Do People Steal Number Plates?

There might be dozens of reasons behind why people steal number plates. Definitely, we can’t declare the exact reason behind the concern. But most probably & observations of government registered reports for stealing plates has concluded that most commonly a thief steal plates to display them its own vehicle when he is doing something illegal.

Meanwhile, he wants to hide his possession or don’t want to be traced by the police even if they note registration number. According to the detailed inspection of number of robbery cases in which vehicles has been picked up by the police same cases has observed.

To avoid any difficulty or police inspection to you later always promote adopting safety methods so anybody won’t steal your number plate. Or if your plate being stolen, don’t forget to register police report.

Here are a few safety tips to prevent your plates being stolen:

  • Use anti-theft or one-way screws can be only removed with special wrenches
  • Use wheel lock nuts can be easily installed & only removed by mechanics
  • Blur your registration plates if you post car pictures on social media
  • Always park your car at safety places where a guard is on duty

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The Bottom Line

We shared why people steal number plates above in the article. Along with this, we also mentioned a great source dealing with manufacturing of different types of plates – go with it and have a better experience today.

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