What’s The Difference Between Fit To Fly And Pcr Test?

What's The Difference Between Fit To Fly And Pcr Test?

Have you ever travelled after the emergence of Covid-19? Even if not, you would have some relatives that visited your country after Covid-19. They would have gotten some Covid-19 tests before their flight because all the governments have made Covid-19 tests mandatory for all travellers. The most common tests include Fit to Fly and PCR tests. Some people have a question about their difference.

What is the Fit to Fly Test?

Fit to fly test is another name used for the Rapid Antigen test that people get just before their flights. The most straightforward test gives results within the shortest time, and you do not need to wait longer for its consequences.

What is PCR Test?

PCR stands for a polymerase chain reaction, and its purpose is the same as of Rapid Antigen test, which detects viruses in the human body. However, it takes longer due to some differences in its procedure. 

Difference Between Fit to Fly and PCR Tests

You can get both tests by searching fit to fly covid test near me on the internet. And before placing your order online, you must comprehend the distinction between two significant kinds of Covid-19 tests.

· Targeted Particle

The sample is taken from the nostrils or throat in both Fit to Fly and PCR tests. In the Fit to Fly test, medical specialists detect Covid-19 by examining antigens in the sample, while genetic material of the virus in PCR tests. So, the target virus articles are different in both tests.

· Time Duration

Fit to Fly test only takes half an hour to show results, while the PCR test demands 24 hours to give accurate results. The step of amplification of DNA fragments is the significant factor that generates the time difference between them. PCR test involves the multiplication of DNA taken from human samples to check the existence of Covid-19 genetic material.

· Testing Kits

There is a slight difference between the Fit to Fly test and PCR test kits. The Fit to Fly testing kit contains three elements; a liquid tube, a swabbing stick, and a testing machine. And the PCR testing equipment set does not have a testing machine because a person who wants to conduct a PCR test needs to send his sample to a laboratory for a medical examination. Search fit to fly covid test near me and get your Covid tests.

· Trustworthy

According to medical studies, a virus passes through three steps when it attacks a human body;

  1. Pre-infectious phase
  2. Infectious Phase
  3. Post-Infectious Phase

PCR is more trustworthy than the Fit to Fly test because it can detect Covid-19 during all three phases. However, the Fit to Fly test can only isolate it during an infectious phase.

Ordering Covid Testing Kit from Official Rapid Tests

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