Types & Benefits Of Damon Braces

Types & Benefits Of Damon Braces

With the growth in dental issues, the number of patients with uneven teeth is also increasing. Today’s dentists treat an unlimited number of patients with crooked teeth, which might have different reasons. In this modern era, Doctors have treatments for all health issues. Similarly, Dentists have Damon braces for the treatment of pitched teeth. This article will mainly focus on the types and benefits of Damon Braces.

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces result from high technology that built them with the innate self-ligating trait. They naturally reposition the teeth with little or no pangs. Damon braces are for you to align your teeth without wires, pain, and discomfort. 

Types of Damon Braces 

Producers are working on the shape, features, and material of Damon Braces. Therefore, when you choose to get Damon Braces, you also have to select the sub-type from the following two options;

  1. Metal Damon Braces
  2. Damon Clear Braces

1.     Metal Damon Braces

In Metal Damon Braces, producers use polycarbonate and stainless steel. Metal Braces are slightly visible due to the attached metal clips. If you are not concerned about your appearance and want beautiful teeth, you can choose Metal Damon Braces to align your crooked teeth. 

2.     Damon Clear Braces

If you want to correct the orientation of your teeth without disturbing your appearance and smile, Damon Clear Braces are for you. Creators make Damon Clear Braces with transparent or tooth-coloured ceramic material. Unlike Metal Damon Braces, Damon Clear Braces are entirely invisible. In short, they will not smash your looks when you open your mouth for eating and speaking.

Miracles of Damon Braces

Although Damon Braces play the same role as traditional braces, they are more beneficial than all other braces. The following are the specialties of Damon’s braces;

  • No Pain: Damon braces are free from elasticity and artificial stress. Therefore, they induce less or no pain during treatment.
  • Easy Cleaning: Due to the lack of elastic bands, there are no chances of plaque formation, and you can easily brush your teeth. 
  • Faster Results: Unlike traditional braces, Damon Braces take only 6 to 8 months to align your teeth properly. 
  • Less Dental Appointments: Patients need to attend fewer dental appointments as Damon Braces works faster. 

Book Your Damon Clear Braces Appointment with Didsbury Dental Practice

For the perfect Damon Braces treatment, you should prefer Didsbury Dental Practice. They have been providing excellent dental treatments to their patients for many years. They are also affordable for all classes, and you can get your Damon Braces from Didsbury Dental Practice at a reasonable price. Their professional dentists will give you treatment inside a neat and clean environment. To book an appointment with Didsbury Dental Practice, follow these steps;

  1. Note the contact number of Didsbury Dental Practice from their website.
  2. Reach them and talk to their staff member for a dental appointment.
  3. Pay the bill online and meet your dentist within 24 hours. 

Say goodbye to your uneven teeth and have a glowing smile. 

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