Used iPhone Buying Guide from Cell phone Repair in Tallahassee!

The iPhone has grown in popularity and is now the most popular smartphone. However, it’s not cheap whether upgrading to a new one or replacing a broken one. And if you are thinking of repairing your old phone from a cell phone repair in Tallahassee

Fortunately, there are a few methods to purchase a new iPhone for less. 

If you still have your old model, you can sell it for cash or credit toward a new iPhone. It is an especially appealing alternative if you want to upgrade to a new model. Alternatively, replace a broken or lost iPhone with a used or repaired one. The major things you need to know about buying a used iPhone are right here.

Things to look for before buying a used iPhone

The only way to buy a high-quality second hand iPhone from a phone repair shop in Gainesville Fl is to inspect it thoroughly. Checking the call quality or the camera and image quality needs to be improved. You must check the phone from every angle. Let’s go over all the checks you should run before choosing whether or not the iPhone you’re considering is worth your money.

Verify the device’s authenticity.

Numerous imitation iPhones on the market run Android OS with an iPhone-like user interface. Request a soft or physical copy of the original receipt from the seller. The pass will reveal two key details: 

  • past ownership 
  • warranty status

It enables you to determine whether the seller was the initial owner and whether the iPhone is still under warranty. If the seller cannot offer a receipt, consider whether you are willing to accept not being able to trace device ownership.

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Identify IMEI Number

Ask the vendor to go to Settings > General > About to discover the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number to see if the handset specs match the official receipt. Alternatively, instruct them to dial *#06# to obtain the unique IMEI number.

The iPhone will display the IMEI number, which you can cross-reference with the proof of purchase provided by the vendor or cell phone repair in Tallahassee. It would help if you also used to check your mobile device’s network, country, warranty, system version, and other specifications.

Assess Network Connectivity

Once you’ve determined that the iPhone is not a fake, insert the SIM card to see if the gadget will operate with your carrier. Remember that if your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can lock it by going to the Apple website. After inserting the SIM card, the phone should detect the carrier and allow you to make and receive voice calls and texts.

Check the water damage.

One of the most crucial tests is to see if water has harmed the item. Apple iPhones are not waterproof or resistant to moisture. As a result, they all include a ‘Liquid Touch Indicator’ within the SIM tray, which turns red when it comes into contact with liquid or water. You can use this to determine if the phone has been water-damaged.

Camera Check

Request that the seller of a used iPhone snap images using the device and show you the photos right away. Check if the picture is clear to ensure that the iPhone camera is still operational. Some third-party repair shops have been known to replace genuine iPhone camera parts with counterfeit ones.

Parts Authenticity

When determining authenticity, ask the vendor if the item has had any previous repairs and whether they were conducted by an Apple-authorized service provider or a reputable phone repair shop in Gainesville, Fl. Repairs performed at unapproved centers may make the device’s parts no longer authentic.

Low-quality components, such as the LCD, not only impact the aesthetic experience of using the iPhone, but they also impact battery life, speed, and backlights. While it is much better to examine this in person, you can still ask the seller questions about it as an online buyer.

Battery Testing

Batteries are frequently among the most regularly damaged components of electronic devices. Poor battery life can be caused by both normal usage and poor charging techniques. To verify the iPhone battery status, request that the used iPhone seller navigates to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Apple claims that iPhone batteries should retain up to 80% of their capacity after 500 full charge cycles.

3D touch test

By pressing and holding photos or apps for two seconds or by utilizing a live wallpaper, you may test the iPhone’s 3D touch functionality.

Listen to both speakers.

If you intend to buy an iPhone, test the top and bottom speakers by playing music or a ringtone. While playing audio, both speakers should be operational.

Ask for a warranty.

You’ll spend a lot of money on that phone (depending on the model). So, make sure you request at least one week of warranty and a written invoice. During that time, you should thoroughly inspect everything. View camera images on a large screen, make calls, connect to WiFi, and test battery life by using the phone continually.


To avoid discomfort and being a victim of fraud, you should always take your time when purchasing a secondhand iPhone or a repaired phone from the cell phone repair shop in Tallahassee. Do your research, run all these tests on the smartphone, and if you have never used an iPhone before, you should try a couple of Apple devices before buying one.

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