Where to Organize a Party for Kids and Adults

Party Place

Finding the Perfect Party Place

When it comes to planning a birthday party, you’ve got a lot of choices as regards the venue. Whether you’re planning for a child or for an adult, the following five suggestions should help you find the perfect location.

1. The Most Obvious Choice: At Home

Obviously, the first place to think about is the home of the birthday boy or girl. A lot of people want to kick back and relax on their birthday. Well, here’s a link to party ideas for home. You can go with something as basic as a cake and presents, or invite an entertainer to your house for the celebration. Your only limits are your imagination and your budget.

2. Arcades Like Dave & Buster’s
Dave & Buster’s is basically the “adult” form of Chuck-E-Cheese. A bunch of arcade games and other bar games are available in conjunction with a variety of entrees. Basically, this location is built for parties, so you might as well lean into that.

Even younger children can have fun at Dave & Buster’s, though admittedly, it’s a venue designed for those at least in their teen years and older.

3. A Fine Restaurant, Club, or Other Venue
Often birthdays are celebrated at restaurants, even for younger celebrants. You make a booking at a club, a restaurant, some sort of ice cream parlor; whatever fits the bill.

Sometimes the best move is to rent out an empty building and totally dominate the space during the celebration. Basically, find somewhere you can either totally control, or that the birthday guest loves.

4. At the Beach or Another Fine Outdoor Area
The great outdoors are ideal for birthday parties; especially the beach. Also, parks, lakes, forests, trails, deserts; wherever you’ve got an area of outdoor space where you can host a celebration without being shut down by local authorities, this can be a worthwhile location for the celebration. Outdoor birthdays for children and adults have equal validity.

5. On the Road: Birthday Gifts That Are in the Trip
Another thing you can do is make the birthday party and the birthday gifts a single unit. For example, if you’ve got a young person in your life who absolutely loves Legos, maybe the whole family takes a trip to Lego Land (do be sure to buy the little tyke at least one decent box of Legos if you go there).

For adults, maybe the trip is to a lagoon, a scuba diving resort, or a national park in the mountains. You’ve got a lot of options here, be sure whatever you do you think outside the box. Bonus points if you can put together such a celebration and keep the final location a surprise secret.

Putting Together a Memorable Party

A road trip can function as a venue and a present for adults or children celebrating their birthdays. Outdoor parties in natural areas have a lot of potential for excellence, too.

You can reserve a fine restaurant, club, or venue. Dave & Buster’s is always an option, and you can certainly host a party at home. Weigh your options and birthday guest preferences to make the best choice.

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