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BOPP bags

In your business, do you sell pet and animal feeds, chemicals and resins, construction materials, food packaging, seeds, or grasses? In such a situation, you must be looking for packaging bags that will protect your products? The BOPP bags design provide the same protection. These bags are exceptionally strong and water-retentive.

BOPP bags are woven sacks or bags that have been laminated. By laminating the bags, the lamination makes them stronger and gives them an edge over simple woven bags. BOPP bags come in a variety of colours, designs, and printing options. Due to its hard surface, printing on this bag is much easier than on regular woven bags.

What is BOPP?

It is also a type of polypropylene stretched flat in two directions. It is known as BOPP bags when the stretched film of BOPP is laminated on PP woven bags/sacks. Because of their following features, these bags have a wide range of applications in the packaging industry.

The bags can hold up against rips and scratches.

  • It is easy to carry, just like any tote bag when attached handle.
  • It enhances the water-resistance of PP woven bags.
  • It can hold a good amount of weight because of increased strength.
  • It is suitable to pack a different texture of products.
  • Its glossy appearance makes it attractive.
  • Like PP bags, BOPP bags are also recyclable.

Industries like BOPP bags because it gives freedom to advertise and promote the brand.

Applications of BOPP bags

As a result of their properties, BOPP bags are used in a wide range of industries.

Agriculture – As a result of BOPP fabric’s exceptional strength and durability, agriculture products that require product promotion and marketing are packed in BOPP bags, including seed bags, animal feed bags, fertilizer bags, etc. Additionally, BOPP fabric is highly customizable, so it can be printed in a variety of colours, cut in a variety of sizes, or customized in any way the customer desires.

As agricultural products are often stored and transported in large quantities, BOPP fabric is able to withstand all roughness and roughness of transportation and packaging.

Building Material – Due to their advantages, BOPP bags are preferred by industries that manufacture building materials like concrete mix, dry material, resin, etc. These industries use automated packaging systems to pack materials. BOPP bags fit for the same since they encompass all the properties. It is hard enough to stand vertically without the support and customizable for the automated filling system, allowing printing on the surface.

Pet Care -Companies like these manufacture animal food. It is important that animal food is packaged in a way that keeps it fresh and nutritious. BOPP bags ensure this. The lamination makes the PP woven fabric leakproof, which restores nutrition in food for a long period of time. It also increases the shelf-life of pest food by ceasing bacteria growth and pest infestation. BOPP fabric also has antibacterial and fungal properties, just as PP woven fabrics do, which averts food contamination.

Furthermore, pet foods are packed in different sizes of packaging. It is easier to customize BOPP bags size according to the customer’s needs.

Like PP woven bags, BOPP bags are also suitable for food product storage as they do not leave any chemicals or stains on the food, as well as enhancing the food’s life by providing airtight and moisture-resistant packaging.

Choosing a reliable source of BOPP bags for your business is the next step. Bopp bags manufacturers and PP woven bags/sacks manufacturers, who provide a wide range of products, also manufacture and supply BOPP bags. You can contact them to purchase these bags as well as to learn more about them.

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