Effective Cleaning Tips to Increase Longevity of Carpets

In order to prolong the life of your carpets, you must perform regular cleaning tasks. Regular cleaning means vacuuming, applying protection agents, and rotating furniture. Some of these steps may seem obvious, but they can make a big difference in the life of your carpets.


Regular vacuuming will help prolong the life of your carpets. Not only will it keep the carpet looking fresh between cleanings, but it will also prevent unsightly soil from accumulating. Often, improper vacuuming can actually make your carpets look worse than they are.

While vacuuming will remove loose dirt from your carpet, it does not get rid of sticky, oily soils. Therefore, you should clean your carpet at least twice a week in high-traffic areas. Additionally, it is a good idea to replace the vacuum bag when it reaches half-full.

Vacuuming also prevents a buildup of dirt and dust that wicks to the surface during cleaning. Another effective cleaning tip to increase the lifespan of carpets is to vacuum regularly with a brushroll. Brushroll vacuums lift out dirt from the fibres and prevent fibre wear. Follow the 80/20 rule: do eighty percent vacuuming and twenty percent deep cleaning.


Regular carpet cleaning is vital to extend the life of your carpet. Rather than trying to do this on your own, you should hire an expert like EcoSan. You should also move furniture away from the carpet to avoid excessive wear on one area. Snags are a natural part of a carpet, but you should be careful not to pull them out, as this could damage the carpet and make it fall apart.

Use coasters to protect the carpet when putting furniture on it. You should also lift heavy items before placing them on the floor. Also, avoid putting shoes on your carpet, as shoes bring dirt and other contaminants into the home. Another useful tip is creating a shoe-free zone, where shoes are left outside. This will also reduce the amount of wear that shoes have on the carpet.

Shoes-off policy

A shoes-off policy is a vital part of effective carpet cleaning. The carpet is subjected to high levels of foot traffic and the soles of shoes can wear down the fibres prematurely. This can make it difficult to restore parts of the carpet. This is particularly true for wool carpets, which are extremely durable. To avoid this, most experts recommend that people remove their shoes when entering the home.

Wearing clean slippers and socks when entering the house can help maintain carpet cleanliness for a longer period. You can also designate specific areas for house shoes and slippers, which are always worn indoors. This will help prevent traces of dirt and foot oils from getting tracked into the house.

Rotating furniture

While an average household carpet should last for around 10 years, following some simple cleaning tips can significantly lengthen the life of a carpet. One such cleaning tip is rotating furniture. This simple move can help increase the lifespan of a carpet by almost two-thirds.

Rotating furniture can help extend the life of a carpet by minimising foot traffic in one area. By sharing the workload, you will keep the whole carpet looking better. Another effective cleaning tip is vacuuming the carpet regularly. A regular vacuuming will help restore a worn out carpet.

Protectant reapplication

If you take good care of your carpets, they can last for about 10 years. But life has its ups and downs and carpets can lose their aesthetic appeal over time. Luckily, there are a few effective cleaning tips to increase the lifespan of your carpet.

The first effective cleaning tip is to keep spills contained. A solution of vinegar and water should be applied to the affected area. If the liquid is not contained, it will soak in and cause stains. When this happens, the stains may become permanent. It is therefore important to wipe the area immediately. Alternatively, you can make a homemade stain treatment formulation from household supplies.

Another effective cleaning tip is to avoid bringing pets into the house. Pets can bring dirt, allergens and other contaminants into the house. Keep shoes and other bare feet off the carpet to avoid dirt and stains. You should also keep food and drink away from the carpet so it doesn’t stain it.

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