5 Benefits of Solar Panels for RVs

Did you know that more than 11% of American households own an RV? And with 423 national parks scattered about the nation, it’s no wonder RVs are so popular. 

But how do you power your RV? You may be considering solar panels for RVs and wondering about the benefits, of which there are many. 

Solar panels are an environmentally friendly, affordable, and convenient way to power your recreational vehicle, and this article walks you through the reasons why you should install solar panels today. Keep reading for 5 benefits of solar panels for RVs. 

1. Quieter

One of the perks of camping is getting in touch with nature. Camping reduces stress, but unwanted noises can put a damper on your weekend getaway.

Since RVs rely on generators, a roaring generator will be virtually unavoidable, whether you’re cooking, watching TV, or simply turning the lights on. Noisy generators also disturb fellow campers. 

If you’re camping around other people, a noisy generator is a quick way to make a bad impression on your neighbors. However, solar panels are completely silent, so you can power your RV without making any noise. 

2. Reduced Emissions

Earth’s climate is changing, and it’s largely due to human emissions. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to power your RV, solar energy is the way to go.

They’re significantly more environmentally friendly than a traditional generator, and, although generators have emissions guidelines, solar panels are better for the planet and don’t come with the risk of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.  

3. Cost Effective

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to power your RV, then solar panels are the way to go. There’s an initial outlay of cash, but once your solar system is installed, there’s little maintenance and no fuel consumption besides the free rays from the sun.

Since solar panels don’t have moving parts, there’s no risk of mechanical breakage issues. You can easily get 10 years or more out of your solar panel system.

Check out Go Power, a solar company devoted to supplying solar solutions to RVs and businesses alike. 

4. Adhere to Regulations

While U.S. National Parks allow generators, they must fall under a certain decibel level. They can only also run between certain hours, and some parks may ban them during different times of the year. If there’s a fire ban or protected birds nearby, you won’t be able to power your RV using a traditional generator.

However, solar panels don’t violate local laws, so you’ll have unlimited power while visiting a national park. Just be sure to check the rules and regulations with each park before setting up shop with your solar panels.

5. Freedom

Solar panels allow you to untether yourself from society and travel as far and wide as you please. You can veer away from saturated campsites and don’t have to book your travel time based on how much fuel you have. As long as there’s sun, you can stay off the grid and enjoy your time RVing.

Install Solar Panels for RVs

Now that you know the benefits of solar panels for RVs, you can start planning your next trip. Remember that solar panels are an environmentally friendly choice that gives you unlimited power for your RV and makes camping at national parks much easier. 

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