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Whether you’re planning a trip or just looking for some new places to explore, using the Google Maps app is a convenient way to navigate your way to your destination. You can find the best restaurants, hotels and other attractions in your area, as well as check train and bus schedules. You can save your favorite locations and share them with other people. Whether you’re in the market for a new GPS, or you’re just looking for a free app that you can download to your phone, there are some great options out there. These apps will ensure you’re well equipped with all of the information you need to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Share a location

Whether you’re arranging a meeting or a picnic, sharing a location in the Google Maps app can be useful. You can share your location with specific people, or with just one contact. The app makes it easy to do.

Google Maps supports location sharing with both Android and iOS. You can set a time for sharing and specify which people you want to share your location with. You can also set a limit on the amount of time you share. You can choose a duration between 15 minutes and eight hours. You can also set a specific time of day.

You can find the location sharing feature by tapping the “Share” button at the top of the screen. This button looks like a blue “Copy Link” text and can be used to post the location on Facebook or other social networking sites.

You can also share your location through text message. This is particularly useful for gathering friends. For instance, if you are planning to meet up with a friend in the countryside, you can share your location with them through text message. The recipient of the text message will receive a link to your location. The link will open Google Maps at your location.

If you want to stop location sharing, you can simply tap the “Off” button. You can also block someone, which prevents them from receiving notifications. You can also add contacts to your Gmail account, if you’d like to receive location notifications.

When you share a location with someone, the person will see a dot on their app. They will also see the name of the person who shared the location with them. They can also see a photo of the location. They can also see the city or postal code.

The location sharing feature in the Google Maps app is precise and safe. It’s available to users worldwide. You can share your location through text message, or through generic links. You can also use the Google Maps app to share a complete route with a friend.

Offline Maps & Navigation

Whether you are traveling at home, or simply looking for directions, offline maps and navigation apps are a great way to save data. These apps also provide information about the area you are traveling to, so you can avoid speed cameras and other road hazards. They also allow you to plan routes, book reservations, and search for nearby places of interest.

One of the most popular navigation apps available is MapFactor. This app uses OpenStreetMap data to provide free and paid map options. It also includes turn-by-turn voice navigation. It also offers a 3D view, speed limits, and camera warnings.

Offline maps and navigation apps are great for areas with spotty data connections. You can still find out information about public transit, road closures, gas prices, and more. Depending on the app, you can also receive notifications about construction, police activity, and more.

Sygic is the top-rated offline GPS app on the Google Play Store. It provides GPS navigation in dozens of countries. It also provides millions of points of interest (POI) and voice guidance. It also offers a free map update every month. It also has a seven-day trial for the paid version. It has an agreement with TomTom.

The Pocket Earth app is another great option. It provides detailed maps of the world and offers interactive maps for more than 100,000 places. It also offers turn-by-turn driving directions and voice instructions in nine languages. The app also includes a feature that lets you record your trip in the background.


Previously called Nokia HERE maps, HERE WeGo is a navigation app that is now available on Android and iOS devices. It provides turn-by-turn directions, voice guidance, and public transport information. It also has a cool feature that allows users to download maps of more than one hundred countries for offline use. Here WeGo also has a slick UI that is designed for larger screens. Here WeGo also offers public transit information for more than 1,300 cities worldwide.

There is a reason why HERE WeGo is the best GPS navigation app for Android. This is because HERE WeGo offers turn-by-turn directions, parking, public transport information, and an easy-to-use interface. Plus, it works offline and offers voice guidance.

HERE WeGo is also a popular alternative to Google Maps. It offers more options, including bike line navigations, terrain information for bikers, public transport information, and hotel booking. It’s also got a slick user interface that’s a welcome change from Google’s. However, it does have some downsides. For example, some reviews complain about missing next-turn directions.

HERE WeGo also offers an offline mode, so you can download maps of a country’s entire territory without relying on an Internet connection. This is useful for traveling to remote areas. Here WeGo also has an in-app map creator, so you can customize your routes.

Another good feature is the search bar. The app lets you search for places by name and location. You can also see shortcuts to the most popular places. You can also save places you find. The app is also compatible with Android Auto, so you can project it to the navigation screen in your car.


Whether you are looking for a GPS navigation app for Android or iOS, MapFactor is one of the best options available. The app is easy to use and has a comprehensive offline mapping database. It is free to download and offers a lot of useful features.

In addition to providing turn-by-turn directions, the app uses traffic data to calculate routes. It also allows you to share your arrival time with others. You can also search for reservations, book a hotel, and get information about restaurants. Moreover, it gives you accurate timing estimates.

The app also provides voice navigation. You can select between 2D or 3D modes. There are also speed limits, camera warnings, and other useful features. You can also purchase premium maps to get additional features. You can also find free maps of more than 200 countries. The app uses OpenStreetMaps to generate maps. Moreover, MapFactor updates its maps regularly.

The app also shows traffic information and roadwork. You can also report road closures and police traps. It can also notify you about gas prices. You can also use the app to show hospitals and grocery stores.

The app provides turn-by-turn directions, which are helpful for outdoor activities. It also offers lane guidance to help you obey local laws. The app uses the data from the leading navigation service provider to provide users with the most efficient routes.

TomTom GO Mobile

Whether you’re a seasoned navigation expert or you’re just looking to upgrade to a more advanced navigation system, TomTom GO can make your driving experience easier. TomTom’s powerful navigation system is available on all major app platforms, and it can even be connected to your car’s display via CarPlay.

With TomTom GO, you can get access to real-time traffic information. It uses traffic data to determine the best routes. It also offers accurate ETAs. The app can also alert you to road closures, construction, and gas prices.

TomTom GO offers the ability to download maps for your region. This means you can get an accurate map of your route even when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or a cell signal. Its maps can be updated daily. It also has an online search feature for destinations. You can also customize your maps with specific categories of points of interest. It also offers an ad-free interface.

The app has voice-guided turn-by-turn directions. This helps you get to your destination without distractions.

It also features traffic alerts, a waypoint management system, trail recording, and multiple coordinate formats. It also supports indoor mapping and outdoor navigation. It even offers a virtual tour of your destination.

Its advanced warnings help you avoid traffic jams and unforeseen incidents. It also offers real-time speed camera alerts and speed limit warnings. Moreover, the app will warn you if there are any stationary or mobile speed cameras on your route.

Polaris GPS Navigation: Hiking, Marine, Off Road

Designed for off-road adventures, Polaris GPS Navigation: Hiking, Marine, Off Road for Android & IOS is an app that’s packed with practical features. It also breaks the mold with a few cool new features, including a fully functional compass. It can help you navigate in the wilderness even when you’re offline.

Using the app, you can record your location and track your speed. It will also record your waypoints and map out your routes. In addition, you can share your location with other Polaris users. The app also includes a chronometer, barometer, and odometer. It can display the altitude on your map and record sunrise and sunset times. You can also change the units you use, change coordinate types, and change other settings.

You can also download maps and routes for offline use. In addition, you can add waypoints and custom icons to your maps. The app’s offline mode is especially useful for those who travel by car.

You can also use the app to locate places of interest such as restaurants, tourist attractions, and gas stations. You can also see details about police checkpoints. And since it’s built into Google Maps, you won’t have to pay for it.

The app also lets you create waypoints and draw on your map. It also offers turn-by-turn navigation, as well as multi-stop route planning.

You can also download maps for offline use and even make your own routes. It also comes with a barometer and a fully functioning compass.

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Whether you are an experienced driver or just want to know where to go, there are many GPS navigation apps to choose from. Some provide turn-by-turn directions, while others offer voice navigation. Choosing the right one for you can be difficult. There are also many features that are available in each app.

Google Maps is the granddaddy of GPS navigation apps. The app uses machine learning to keep its base map up to date. It also shows traffic information and gives departure times for driving.

CoPilot is a GPS navigation app designed for drivers. It offers drivers detailed, uncluttered maps and driving instructions. It allows users to switch seamlessly between offline and online modes. It’s free to download. It comes with a 14-day free trial of voice-guided navigation. You can also upgrade to more features for a nominal fee.

InRoute GPS is only available on Apple devices. It provides detailed trip planning information, interactive weather charts, and road conditions. You can also search for points of interest. It can also be used to record GPS tracks without an internet connection.

Google Maps is the most popular of all the GPS navigation apps. It provides turn-by-turn directions, maps of more than 200 countries, and more. It also includes a compass for waypoint navigation. The app will automatically reroute you to a safer route when road conditions or accidents occur.

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