6 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

Valentine's Day

It’s only when a celebration date approaches that we go out in search of products to celebrate with those we love. And with the approach of the month of love, most people have already begun to wonder about the Valentine’s Day gift. After all, for couples in love, this period cannot go unmentioned, even during the phase of social isolation we live in.

The advantage is that, even with the closed doors of commerce, there are several online stores with their activities in full swing, sending orders to all regions and ensuring that this moment is not forgotten. Knowing this, all that remains is to answer a simple question: what to buy as a gift for your sweetheart?

If this doubt has also come to your mind, follow this article that we have prepared exclusively on the subject. This year, there is the possibility of giving your loved one several options, ranging from clothing items to hygiene products, wines, or a good book. Below we will tell you more about it. So, go ahead!

6 Valentine’s Day gift tips for men

1. Comfortable clothes

As you may already know, we are going through a turbulent period. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, many people are quarantined, staying mostly at home and avoiding crowds.

In this sense, a good alternative is to gift your loved one with comfortable clothes that can be enjoyed during this phase.

Basic T-shirts are always a good choice. Ideal for all moments, they look good when coordinated with shorts, shorts, sweatshirts, or jeans. Therefore, if you want to do something fancy, consider a T-shirt kit, composed of pieces with the same models, but with different colors and prints.

By the way, as we are talking about a relatively simple Valentine’s Day gift, it is essential to value the quality of the product. Instead of buying pieces that will wear out easily over time, prioritize versions that are made of 100% cotton fabric and have good fit.

2. Beauty and hygiene items

Forget the idea that men are not vain. Nowadays, many boys are leaving prejudice aside and resorting to beauty and hygiene items that help keep their appearance up to date. And not only that: they are able to have a greater sense of well-being and significantly raise their self-esteem.

So, besides the classic perfumes, a good choice are the aftershave balms and shaving foams. There are also kits with different components that are ideal for a complete surprise.

They usually consist of scented soaps, moisturizers, deodorants, shampoos, and so on. Before closing the deal, however, carefully analyze your partner’s physical characteristics and lifestyle to make sure that the treats will be useful in his or her routine.

3. Casual shoes

Certainly, casual shoes are always welcome. Ideal for a casual stroll on the weekend, they can also be worn indoors during those periods when all we most want to do is rest.

So how about investing in this type of Valentine’s Day gift? In this context, leather sneakers are at the top of the list. Depending on your partner’s profile, there is also the possibility of resorting to men’s sneakers or sapatenis. Especially if he follows a more “tidy” style.

There are also leather boots, which can be found in different colors and designs, black and brown being the most popular. Carrying a very urban proposal, they are excellent for men who overflow with personality, like comfort, and do not give up on an adventure.

4. Gastronomic products

This is a special Valentine’s Day gift tip for lovers of good food. Do you know that man who loves going to good restaurants and trying different dishes? Or, who never misses the opportunity to enjoy a good wine or a craft beer?

If your partner fits these characteristics, consider investing in a gastronomic item like wine. Through diverse applications, it is possible to find good labels available for affordable values.

5. Technological items

Among the male public, technological items are usually very successful. But we are not talking only about videogames or smartphones, because we have amazing devices on the market to make anyone’s routine easier.

One of the most interesting of the moment is Alexa – a release that has just arrived in the country and consists of a smart speaker, which listens to all your commands and, from there, plays the desired songs.

However, if the idea is to invest in something more sophisticated, there are smartwatches, which have become a fever worldwide. Indicated for those who have a busy routine or practice physical activities, they have different functions, making the daily routine more practical and modern.

Their features may vary according to the manufacturer. Nevertheless, we can highlight the following

  • GPS;
  • Compass;
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Microphone;
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Workout tracking.

6. Gift certificate for moments of doubt

Even after these recommendations, some people are still unsure when it comes to choosing a nice Valentine’s Day gift. However, if you are in this situation, there is a way out: gift certificates.

Nowadays, several stores have this modality and offer their customers the option to purchase vouchers, thus allowing the gifted to choose a gift according to their preferences.

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