How to carry out the transition from web 2.0. to Web3?


The appearance of Web3, whose emergence was born as a result of the natural evolution of the semantic web, poses a change in the relationship between brands and users. This current issue has been addressed in a new IDO launchpad launched by Enjinstarter.

The Enjinstarter offers some of the keys that define how this technology will bring about a new revolution in the digital world and how companies must face their adaptation to this change.

Web3 is the evolution of web 2.0, but with a radical change in the infrastructure and ownership of the distribution network and the transaction mechanisms between users. It is based on the blockchain, a decentralized website that allows automatic transactions between two points with a validation based on Smart Contracts technology. It has an immutable value that cannot be reversed.

In this article, we will discuss how a company can transition into web3. Also, we will let you know all the things you need and the best IDO launchpad that can help you create and manage your change.

What does a company have to evaluate to build its presence on Web3?

Web3 opens up a world of possibilities for adapting work models and service development processes for companies. However, before considering its presence within this digital environment, it is essential that companies carry out a preliminary analysis.

For companies that have not yet started their journey in Web3, it is important that before starting their journey in this new digital ecosystem of decentralization they understand that this is not a marketing campaign. It is not something that can be led by a company’s team alone, but rather it has to involve all levels of the brand, from compliance to human resources, the financial team, and the legal team in the property part. 

Everyone has to understand very well what it means for a brand to launch a collection of NFTs or to want to assign intellectual property rights to a part of the brand, to a service.

How can brands start their transition from web 2.0. to Web3?

The basis for carrying out this transition is a process of co-creation. So that brands can strategically evaluate their transition from the user who lives in web 2.0. to the user who will live in a decentralized environment (which is what Web3 brings us), they will have to think of co-creation models. 

Here, the brand’s intellectual property is not such a restricted value, so protected, that it aligns with consumers today. But rather that they are more shared models where the concept of the community is understood as an environment where we can learn from our users, in which our consumers can become ambassadors. Also, where we have a more open and participatory vision with those who are our fans of the brand.

In addition, the importance of opening the mind towards new models of relationship with consumers leads to new models of economic distribution or of value in itself. Beyond speculation, many Web3 users want an increase in the value of what they are betting, be it monetary, participation, co-creation, or feeling part of this initiative.


Apart from co-creation, you need to work with some start-ups that can help you create and build a successful transition from web 2.0 to web3. A reputable platform you can work with to help you create and move to web3 is the best IDO launchpad Enjinstarter.

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