Youtube is the sensational social media marketing platform in 2022. Video hosting services of Youtube has set the highest bar for the competitors, but the reach of Youtube is very useful for the marketing of products and services.

Youtube marketing has given successful convertible results through youtube advertising and organic reach. But at the same time, running a Youtube channel is not an easy job, especially for the beginners. Growing a youtube channel needs a high number of views, likes, and subscribers at your youtube channel to get the benefits from YouTube’s audience.

Therefore, Youtubers use every possible means and resources for getting their channel to grow, especially since in 2022 they are facing competition in content creation as never before. 

In this digital era youtube channels will get success only with unique and relevant content, because now there is just so much to chose from and the audience is aware of search engine policies and content reliability. But, is not just about content. As per a website, a YouTube channel to be successful relies also on its marketing and SEO optimization. But we will look into this later in this article.

In a sentence, for a successful youtube channel you need to attract more audience at your youtube channel to get more views, likes and subcribers. And today, I will discuss great tips for getting more views at your youtube channel.   


Youtube channel has a great scope of growth and development for a beginner. And with the internet, they can have knowledge about all the pros and cons of a youtube channel beforehand to avoid mistakes and grow faster than their competitots. Today I will share some great tips for beginners to get more views on their youtube channel.


The first and most important tip to get more views is to make your content capable. As a beginner you must keep in mind the power of your content. Because content is the main medium of contact between the audience and the youtuber. Is what they use to determine whether they like you and they want to subscribe to watch more, or not. 

So first make your content capable enough to attract the attention of the audience. If your content has the capability to attract more audience, then automatically you will get more views on your youtube video content, as the time goes by.


Another useful tip to get more views on your youtube channel is to use conversational marketing and topics. 2022 has brought this great concept of marketing called “Conversational Marketing”. Conversational marketing means to use conversation and communication medium to engage with the audience with the purpose of promoting your products and services. 

So if you use conversational marketing, you will have more opportunities to get more subscribers and audience at your youtube channel, which means you can get more views on your youtube videos also. 

But let’s make an example of what this is. YouTube has implemented a lot of features in the last years, such as community post, cards, surveys and shorts. You can use these quick to create communication forms, to establish a conversational marketing with your audience and connect with them.


Another important tip to get more views on your youtube channel is to get yourself registered with a youtube partner program. This can be done either via Google itself, by using Adsense Youtube partner program (YPP) or via third party Multi Channel Networks (MCN). A partneship of this type provides great support in growth and development of your youtube channel, with extra features and the motivation to earn money which you can, why not, invest back into your channel.

Therefore, through Youtube partner program you will get the access to various resources of youtube and also you can get eligibility of youtube monetization feature after fulfilling all the necessary requirements and conditions.

Audience like to visit to their favorite or a popular youtube channel to find their relevant content. With the support of a youtube partner program, the extra features, and the money to reinvest, you can develop your youtube channel and then your channel will also get viewed by that target audience. 


One more effective tip to get more views on your youtube channel is to use youtube marketing services. As a beginner you must know about youtube marketing services, since they might immensively help you if you pick the right one. 

Youtube marketing services, in this case, refers to the promotion of videos via the youtube platform or external promotion methods.

Today there are numerous platforms which provide professional Youtube marketing services, and it all comes down to find the best one for your purpose and then, growing from scratch will be a little bit easier. 

There is a   platform which I used in the past and it proved itself as trustworthy, named LenosTube. This platform provides all kinds of youtube marketing services like real and organic views on your youtube videos, real and organic likes and comments on your youtube content, monthly engagement and video SEO. 

Increasing the number of subscribers at your youtube channel or conducting high quality youtube advertising campaigns is easy and will provide a return, if your content is good.

Of course, purchasing YouTube marketing services is not a must. If you have a budget, you are a brand or want to achieve a professional youtube channel, then you can also get these youtube marketing services in an affordable range for better growth. 

At the same time, you can also grow without spending money in marketing services, like many people do. It might take, of course, a bit more than investing some money though.


Another amazing tip to get more views on youtube channels is to do cross promotion of your youtube videos. Cross promotion of your videos means use social sharing of your youtube videos on your other social media accounts like Instagram, facebook, whatsapp, and linkedIn. 

Cross promotion will help you in engaging more audience at your youtube channel. Hence, your youtube channel’s video will get more views through a larger audience coming from different sources.

YouTube will also be happy that your promote their website on other social media, so the algorithm will particularly like traffic coming from external platforms and websites as well.    


Another useful tip to get more views on your youtube channel is to give a go to youtube live stream. Live stream feature of youtube has a great audience retention ability, and it can reach more people since live streams soemtimes rank higher then published videos, since they are available for a limited time.

Through live streams you can grab the attention of more audiences to subscribe to your channel and you can pitch the viewers to give a look to your youtube content. 

You can also use youtube live streams to update your audience about your future plans for content, since a livestream is something that does not take any editing ot time except the moment you are live – and that is what people love about livestream – the spontaneous aspect.

With this strategy and by targeting people of your niche, your youtube channel’s video will get more views, for sure!


One of the most essential tips to get more views to your channel is to be consistent for a successful youtube channel. Youtube audiences mostly view the videos of popular accounts and channels that are active. 

So if you want to engage more audience to your youtube channel you have to be consistent. You have to post content on your channel consistently without skipping days or even worse, weeks! 

This way it will  be inevitable for the audience to get attached to your channel and your brand or personality. If more viewers are attached to your channel then automatically the views on your videos will increase, since the loyalty and engagement are doing the same.

On the other hand, not being consistent, will cause a harmful effect which you want to avoid.

If you struggle to be active for any reason, try to inform you audience and more importantly, keep in touch with them with faster communication forms, such as community posts or shorts, which we discussed before too.


Another useful tip to get more views at your youtube channel is to follow trends. Trend is the thing which is liked by everyone and that in that specific moment, is on everybody’s mouth. 

Everyone follows trends and knows about them, everybody is looking for info or content about the latest one. 

People nowadays have their buying behavior according to the trend, whether it is a celebrity, a news, an upcoming event and so on. Trend has the highest capability to influence one’s buying behavior and they gather an incredibly large audience.

So you have to use trendy keywords in your content description, titles and tags and  also you have to, at times, pick or adapt your youtube video’s topic according to the latest trend. 

If your channel is trendy then your channel’s videos will get more views for sure.


One more essential tip to get more views on your youtube video is that you have to understand that creativity is the need for a successful youtube channel. Creativity is the most crucial thing for audience retention and standing out from the crowd. Youtube platform is run on the basis of audience and trust me, so many videos just follow the same basics and flow.

Being unique and creative, means success, views, subscribers. In 2022, where competition is higher than ever, even more.

If you want to retain the audience to your video then you must create creative and unique  video content. Creativity attracts more audiences. Creative videos will get more views for sure. So be creative in your content creation. Creativity is not the key, but the need of 2022.


Before you roll your head, nope, this is another topic than our point 4 which mentioned YouTube advertising. Because another useful tip that I want to share with you guys to get more views on your youtube is to know the power of youtube advertising. 

Youtube advertising has a very great promotional power. All marketers rely on advertising for their digital advertising campaigns, and when it comes to YouTube, guess what is the most special advertising method? YouTube advertising.

If you did not know it, YouTube has an official advertising network that allows you to promote your videos directly on Youtube, whether it is before another video or among the suggested ones.

Marketers need reliable advertising mediums. And youtube advertising is that reliable advertising medium for any YouTuber. Youtube advertisements can be run directly by yourself, you just need to sign up to the official Youtube ads website, and then start to get more views on youtube.

Remember to promote great videos to maximize your return and eventually, run promotion with third party YouTube marketing services as you can do that with no worries. A multi promotion stream, for multiple benefits.


Youtube is the best video platform out there, whether you are a passionate individual who wants to have his content seen out there, or a brand that wants to maximize reach. But as for websites and due the ongoing competition, just uploading videos is not enough.

In this article, we talked about the importance of unique content, of marketing and a handful or other tips to ba actually seen and be able to take full advantage of the amazingness that YouTube has to offer and all the immense audience which could be reached.

You must use every means and make the best content to develop and grow your youtube channel. And you should start to try the above tips for getting a green signal in your journey of running a successful and rewading YouTube Channel.  

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