The 5 Best SEO Tools in Contemporary Times

The 5 Best SEO Tools in Contemporary Times

SEO tools in contemporary times are more than an aid to judgment. They can make or break your online presence. Business owners can use it to understand competitors’ SEO strategies and develop their own. These are very useful tools for small and mid-sized enterprises, as it gives them detailed metrics about their keywords, domains, backlinks, and advertisements.


Moz is an SEO tool that analyzes SERPs for keywords. Its SERP analysis tool can be invaluable for identifying hidden SEO gems. Using this tool is as easy as pie. The keyword overview snippet provides all the information you need. Although the tool lacks link metrics, it comprehensively analyzes your SERP. It also contains a variety of helpful metrics.

While it may only be suitable for some businesses, Moz can help you make the right decisions regarding your website’s marketing strategy. It allows you to audit a website, track ranking changes, analyze backlinks, and conduct keyword research. It also offers a plugin to measure a website’s page and domain authority.


Ahrefs provides users with an easy-to-understand menu that breaks down SERP results by backlinks, domain ratings, and keywords. It also provides graphical representations of SEO data. As a result, you can see what your competitors are doing, which can help you improve your site. The Ahrefs menu is also easy to navigate, with categories clearly labeled. It also features a keyword intersect graph, which shows the number of backlinks pointing to your site.

Ahrefs also offers an extensive keyword database that provides data from various search engines. In contrast, most SEO tools only provide data for Google, which accounts for 92% of all searches.

For example, there is a keyword Hulu in Ireland; Ahref would provide you with a thorough analysis of the competitors who are competing for this keyword, what possible queries related to this keyword, what long-tail keywords can help you in ranking higher on SERPs, and most importantly a detailed description regarding different metrics of keywords such as keyword volume, keyword difficulty, and many more.


Xenu is an SEO tool that will crawl any URL and provide valuable insights into how to improve its SEO. It also helps you to identify broken links, image files, and missing elements on your site. Xenu is simple to use and does not require any programming knowledge. The interface is easy to use and features clear icons for each function. The software will also allow you to check the size of any link.

Xenu is the ugliest SEO tool in contemporary times, but it offers the most comprehensive information for improving SEO. For example, it scans links to determine which pages should be indexed. It also has many useful features, including analytics and keyword tools. In addition, Xenu offers a free trial, so you can check whether it is suited for your website.


Ubersuggest is a search engine optimization tool that allows you to mine keywords from competitor websites. The tool also helps you monitor trends and offers detailed backlink data. Originally, the tool was designed to scrape terms from Google’s Suggest feature. However, it became unpopular and got little attention once it was bought by Neil Patel. Neil is an author and an experienced entrepreneur and has been recognized as one of the best 100 marketers in the world.

The software has several features which make it a great choice for SEO practitioners. The app has a comprehensive keyword database, reliable backlink data, comprehensive competitor research tools, and even content ideas. The software can speed up keyword research processes, which otherwise can take years to perfect. The free version allows you to test it for seven days and get a refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a web optimization tool that can help you optimize your search engine. Yoast enables you to improve your content’s readability and suggests keywords and internal links for you to use in your content. Its features can enhance your website’s visibility on search engines and attract more visitors.

Yoast SEO helps you to optimize your WordPress website for search engines. It is a WordPress plugin that helps you write SEO-friendly content that will be easily readable. You can install it in a few easy steps. Once installed, you can go to your left-hand admin panel and click on the SEO option.

Yoast SEO helps you to add the SEO title, meta description, and search snippet preview to your website. Moreover, it adds internal links, which inform search engines about the structure of your website. It will also show related posts and pages. Creating these links can take time, but Yoast SEO gives you suggestions to speed up this process.

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