ARMORED SUV Levels of Protection


The ARMORED SUV is a military vehicle that can withstand small arms fire and is capable of carrying three passengers plus the driver. It also has a turret that is armed with M134 rounds and has a base armour value of 120. It can survive 120 points of damage before requiring repairs, but damage to the engine will reduce its top speed.

Level B4

If you’re looking to add additional protection to your SUV, you may want to consider upgrading your vehicle to an ARMORED SUV level B4. Unlike B4 vehicles, the extra protection in B6 vehicles adds only about 150 pounds to the total mass of the vehicle. While this amount is far less than other level B protection, it will give you added peace of mind.

Level B5

The ARMORED SUV level B5 is a premium level of protection. Its armoring consists of 38 mm armored glass and armored steel plates. The extra mass of the B6 model reduces the vehicle’s performance. Drivers who want this level of protection should be well trained before driving such a vehicle.

Level BR6

The ARMORED SUV Level BR6 is a high-end, heavily armored vehicle. It can withstand 7.62x51mm ammunition and is made with ballistic steel and composite materials. The exterior is covered in bulletproof glass, and the interior features bulletproof windows. The vehicle is also equipped with a seven-speed transmission and a V-8 engine, and has three locking differentials for off-road handling.

Level BR8

If you need the ultimate level of protection against a bullet, the Sentry Civilian 2020 is the SUV for you. This vehicle is based on the Ford F-550 but is heavily armored. Its body is reinforced with BR6 level armor and bulletproof windows. It is manufactured by Rezvani Motors in the U.S., a company known for producing crazy luxury vehicles.

Level BR10

When it comes to protecting your family, a bulletproof SUV may be just the thing. Depending on the model, armored SUVs can range from BR7 to BR10. BR7 bulletproof SUVs can protect your family from 7.62mm and 14.5 MM rounds. They are also equipped with thicker armour plating and additional security options. These vehicles are great for the military, high-profile politicians and celebrities, and security companies.

Level BR12

Armor levels are a key part of purchasing an armored vehicle. These levels are based on the perceived risk of the vehicle and its usage. The level of protection can vary greatly, and can also depend on the price and vehicle type.

Level BR13

ARMORED SUVs are available in a number of different protection levels. The most common level is B7, which protects against assault weapons. It requires a ballistic steel thickness of 7.5 mm, and stops armor-piercing rounds. It can also protect against super high-velocity rifles, including sniper rifles. This is the highest protection level for civilian vehicles, but higher levels are available for special-purpose vehicles.

Level BR14

For most civilian vehicles, INKAS implements an armoring package at the CEN B6 level, with B4-level protection for cash-in-transit vehicles and B7 level protection for special purpose vehicles. These vehicles are ideal for travel in hostile territory. Choosing a vehicle with this level of protection requires proper training of the driver.

Level BR15

ARMORED SUV Level BR15 is designed to protect the occupants inside. It comes with enhanced ballistic protection that can withstand 7.62 caliber rounds commonly used by AK-47s. This armored vehicle is ideal for traveling into hostile areas. A number of optional upgrades are available, including floor blast protection, ballistic glass, run-flat tires, and more.

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