8-best tips to maximize the sale of custom socks this holiday

2.8-best tips to maximize the sale of custom socks this holiday

Twinkle lights at the storefronts are a signal for every seller for the start of the holiday season. It is exciting because it is one of the most significant sales periods of the year. People would be in a jolly mood and open their wallets, and the sale of holiday items would increase. One of the biggest sellers during the period is custom socks, especially Christmas-themed. They are integrated into the holiday spirit, as people believe Santa Claus leaves the presents in stockings. People send gifts to friends and family, and organizations present them to their employees. However, not every seller can make the most of the opportunity because of a lack of experience and other issues. They rue the missed opportunity afterward. If you are already overwhelmed and struggling for inspiration, the blog is here to help. Here are a few valuable tips to help motivate and boost you for the holidays. 

Importance of socks during Christmas:

Christmas and socks are a classic pairing; there is a high chance that someone gave them last time. The most famous origin story goes back to the 4th century BC when Saint Nicolas – the inspiration of modern Christmas father – was around. The legend states that he threw a bag of gold down the chimney of a poor widow for the marriage of her three daughters. The bag landed inside stockings hanging by the fireplace. To this day, people keep them by the fireplace. While they may not be the most original present, people use them as gifts, and you should make the most of them. 

  1. Set yourself up for success from the start: Starting a successful custom socks business is not easy, and it is vital to have a plan before you start. Remember the competition: every other seller would want to score big during the holidays. It would be challenging to compete against the big businesses with a big team and lots of money to spend. Do not get discouraged! You do not have to draft an entire business plan from scratch, but ensure that the things you do make sense. How can you do it? By putting real thought into the process, but do not take much time. Create an action list that would include the products, artwork, sizes, styles, numbers, suppliers, delivery date, etc. It will put you ahead of most businesses that have become stagnant in their thinking, do not put effort into providing value, and rely on past laurels. 
  1. Create plenty of fresh designs: Do not focus solely on one or two styles. Instead, focus on selling as many custom socks as possible with various artworks. We recommend trying and listing between 50-100 designs – it sounds like a lot. But you can use the same basic template on two or three different socks. Sometimes it takes many listings to come up with a lovely design. One of the things you can do is to your evergreen designs and sprinkle in some holiday elements. It will make the socks fit all around the year, and you can create them at a lower price since you would be ordering in bulk. You would save time and resources for other times and use them for marketing. 
  1. Prepare for the holidays now by keeping the mockups ready. Ensure everything aligns with seasonal events like Christmas, focus on it. Ensure you are excited as a seller and make a big deal about your custom socks to keep your audience engaged. Keep a few items ready for the upcoming new year and Valentine’s to take advantage of customers who might have extra cash or gift/ store cards. For example, red is synonymous with Christmas and Valentine’s; use it to design your socks and other products. 
  1. Rinse and repeat the designs that work: You do not have to reinvent the wheels, and it also makes sense to choose the best-selling socks from each holiday and re-use them the following year. You can also make a few minor tweaks to keep things fresh – the trick will serve well with your business. Every holiday, you will get a mix of old and new customers; keep two or three designs that have worked well in the past. It is helpful to keep the old ones to make them keep coming back to you; it will also sharpen your design skills. 
  1. Keep track: You can not become a successful seller without tracking the successful and unsuccessful products; it applies to everything from socks to apparel and accessories. Start by creating a list of products that worked better and those that did not during the previous holidays. If it is your first major holiday, you have a clean slate. Keep multiple spreadsheets with various tabs and detailed notes, like which colors are the most popular. On a busy month, you might need to spend more time, but you will get efficient, and it would not take more than 20 minutes. It is worth spending because it will help you prepare for future holidays.  
  1. Understand your buyers: It is one of the most vital keys to a successful season. Most new businesses struggle to understand the buyer’s mindset; it might take some time, but keeping yourself in their shoes will help. Figure out what motivates them and look for specifics. People tend to shop in a rush, especially during holidays, and you must instantly grab their attention. It is even more crucial for online sellers; using high-quality images and relevant descriptions helps.  
  1. Offer holiday discounts: to attract more customers. One of the tremendous advantages of selling custom socks is that you can charge a higher price than generic ones. It gives you more room to maneuver, and you can make some profit even after offering higher discounts than your competitors. Avoid increasing the prices before holidays and then give discounts like most businesses. Customers are intelligent, and they will not fall for such gimmicks. 
  1. Stay to your niche, but be flexible: one of the mistakes businesses make is veering off from their niche far. It is one thing to explore something new, but holidays are not the time to experiment. For example, if you are a specialist selling custom athletic socks, focus on including elements in them and not start an entirely new line of socks. Do not put the new line of products on the main page; use a holidays special one to avoid confusion and damaging your brand image and sales. 

Are you ready for this holiday season? 

Hopefully, our eight tips have inspired you to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Although time is running out, there is still plenty of opportunities to profit by connecting with a reliable manufacturer. EverLighten has helped startups, large companies, sports teams, celebrities, universities, and individuals for eighteen years. 

Tendylake is an online store that sells custom socks and other apparel and accessories related to trending topics. They were searching desperately for a supplier for Christmas but were unsuccessful because of high-quality needs and less time. Their luck changed after they reached us. We created custom socks and other items in a record time. The season proved to be successful, and our partnership is growing strong. 

Read their full story  https://everlighten.com/blogs/success-stories/startup-trendylake

Make mega sales this season with EverLighten: 

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