If the word “pod device” is unknown to you, it refers to a specific category of portable vape gadget that uses vape pods rather than your typical atomizer. While an atomizer and a pod are the same, pod systems have them manufactured particularly for the device to offer an exceptionally distant setup, even if they are fundamentally the same. Since the advent of nicotine salts, pod systems—which have been around for a while—have gained appeal. Compared to their freebase equivalent, nicotine salts provide a far smoother mouth-to-lung vape. This has a more genuine, “cigar-like” aroma. Pod devices are popular with new vapers, but seasoned users also appreciate them. When your main device is charging, they work great as a backup. They are also low-profile and lightweight when you don’t want to carry many goods.


You insert your pod into the device, add liquid, and then breathe it in. Most pods system are draw-activated; thus, using them as a vaping device doesn’t need pressing a button. You can either draw the Scepter or activate it by pressing a button, depending on your inclination. Withdrawal activation is the best method for quitting smoking since all you have to do is breathe in when the coil lights up. There is hardly much vapor produced by these pod systems. They do not produce clouds; instead, they are utilized to disperse nicotine. However, employing a pod system might help you save money because it requires less power. You can use a 60ml bottle of e-juice in a pod system for months.


Let’s begin by explaining the pod system to people who may not be familiar with it. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a pod system is a particular kind of portable vape device that utilizes vape pods rather than your regular atomizer. Pod systems are particularly created for the device to provide a basic configuration, even though an atomizer and a pod are practically the same. Pod systems, which have been available for a while, have become increasingly popular since the introduction of nicotine salts. A mouth-to-lung vape made with nicotine salts is notably smoother than one made with freebase. Which gives off a more authentic “cigar-like” feeling?


You insert your pod into the device, add liquid, and inhale. Most pod systems are draw-activated, so you don’t have to press a button to use them as a vaping device. Depending on your desire, you can draw the Scepter or press a button to make it work. Withdrawal activation is important if you’re attempting to quit smoking because all you have to do is start inhaling when the coil lights on its own. There isn’t much vapor produced by these pod systems. They are used to distribute nicotine rather than to create clouds. However, employing a pod system might help you save much money because it doesn’t consume as much power. A 60ml bottle of e-juice will last months when used in a pod system.

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